The Little Things

These cool mornings have been a wonderful moment for me this summer.  While some might cringe at a 50-degree morning, I love the cool mountain air!  Just a moment or two out on the back deck to look over the lake and hear the stillness of camp before the chaos begins.  It’s not quiet.  The wildlife abounds. Most of the ruckus is from the birds as they begin their day.  A little warm coffee and moments like these are what every man should do every day!

Speaking of quiet, I am always amazed at how quiet it is at night after dark here in early June.  I had to run up to the dining hall just after 10 pm last night. The darkness after lights out is amazing!  I really enjoy walking in the dark around camp. It’s a great way to use all your senses and not disturb the night with any light pollution.  When the lights go out at High Rocks it is DARK!  On a moonless night, you must listen and feel with your feet. After thirty years, it’s easier for me to remember the stones and steps along the way.  Last night the waxing crescent moon gave just a hint of light that made it quite easy.  What I really enjoyed was how quiet it was, though.  There are very few insects carrying on so you can hear the smallest of noises.  There were a few “spring peepers” in some corner of the lake shallows but it was way off to the other side.  The little things…

Enough about the quiet. Let’s get back to the chaos!  I am still learning a lot of the names in the first two age groups, while I have enjoyed catching up with the guys in the older age groups.  They all grow up so fast!  I never appreciated it much until being a parent myself, but kids grow up so fast!  I spent some time with the oldest boys asking about their cabin overnight.  They are old pros.  I was amazed how fast they were packed and into the woods last night. It was amazing! I was down at the shop working on some van-trailer situations. I came up at about 5:30 to see them off and they were gone!  In less than thirty minutes, they checked in at the trip packing porch, divided up their group gear and food, applied bug spray, and were out of sight. Anyhow, they mentioned the cool night made for great sleeping and a particularly enjoyable campfire.  A quick rain shower came through late, but that only messed up a couple of the staff in hammocks that did not have a tarp. They had to retreat to the shelter but only after a pretty good soaking.

The boys of Sprucepine, Overlook, Outpost, and Chalet headed into the wilderness this evening.  They were efficient but not as good as the upper senior group. I look forward to hearing their stories of the night tomorrow morning.

How about a food break?!?

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, sausage links, oatmeal, fresh-cut strawberries, blueberries, and oranges.  Bringing up the end of the line, assorted cereals.

Lunch: TACO TUESDAY! Black, beans, ground beef, onions tomato, guacamole, sour cream, salsa, cilantro, and lime. Add some warm soft tortillas and/or tortilla chips and you are good to go!

Dinner: Pork tenderloin with or without rosemary cream sauce, grilled asparagus, roasted red potatoes, salad bar, and scratch-made chocolate chip cookies.

We do eat well!!!

Back to the adventure… Our first groups started their rotation on the High Ropes Challenge course today. The boys spend an entire morning enjoying the obstacles and excitement of the aerial adventure with their cabinmates. It’s always a good time.

You will see in tonight’s pictures how busy we are in our instructional activities.  The pace is already picking up. Tomorrow, our first off-property trips begin to head out. Canoeing and rock climbing both have trips out.  You will hear more about these trips later in the session.

And to think it is only our second day of camp! There is so much more to come! It sure is fun having your son here!

Have a great night!


Pictures are still loading… It might be late by the time they are up. There should be about 185 once it is complete. Technology failed us tonight. It’s all part of the adventure.

Today’s Pictures