Weekend Fun

I love Saturdays at High Rocks!  In the 29 summers I have been here, there have always been pancakes on Saturday. It’s just what we do.  Our Chef Nate makes the recipe in one of those giant Hobart floor mixers and always uses real eggs and real buttermilk.  It does make a difference.  It was a wonderful event sided with some lovely sausage links, home fries, and hard-boiled eggs if you wanted them.

I enjoyed spending most of my day out and around camp. Our typical photographer, Mary (who has been doing a great job) has Saturday off, so I had the opportunity to grab a bunch of images, hang with the boys, and see a lot of what everyone was up to in their activities. It keeps me in touch with everyone and while I do get nervous about making sure I get enough pictures, I really do enjoy it.

There sure was a lot going on today in camp. Paddling had rescue day. They took the basic lake test to the next level with some classic deep water skills like the T-Rescue and boat over boat rescue.  Great tools us in open water when you flip and it is not reasonable to come back to shore to get back into your boat.

Hiking was working hard at some fire building.  Always a great lesson and is typically geared differently for different age groups.  While the youngest boys learned some of the basics, the older guys were armed with just flint and steel.

The climbers were using some challenges by choice and trying to see how fast they could climb the caving ladders to the top of the tower.  It s no easy feat. Of course, when you put a bunch of guys together there is going got be a little competition.  Timers were involved and times were noted…  I heard some guys were breaking the sub-20-second barrier by the end of the day.  That is pretty fast!

Mountain biking was working on some maneuverability skills that were appropriately geared toward their riding level.  I did enjoy seeing the teeter-totter out.  It always makes for great pictures. The older boys in the afternoon were running laps on our mountain bike flow trail we call Shrimpers.

Of course, there was plenty happening in all of the activities, but those items seem to stick with me a little more today.

Tonight, the boys enjoyed dinner out.  Each cabin gathered up their dinner and took it to wherever they wanted.  Pizza, chips, scratch-made chocolate chip cookies, and sodas.  It was a big hit and a wonderful evening to just sit out on the lawn or the boathouse or wherever just enjoying the cool mountain air and a little fellowship.

We will slow down a little tomorrow, at least in the morning.  The afternoon has big plans. There are some paddling trip pictures from yesterday that did not make the loop.

Have a great night!


Today’s Pictures