We had a great day visiting with the Mini I parents and wish well to all those boys heading home today.   This group of “minis” was almost entirely first-time campers. It was a big step to jump into all that we have to offer.  I heard several stories about the boys not wanting to leave and how they would be back next year.  Some even threw out that they would be back for four weeks next year!  It was a great group of boys and parents. I look forward to seeing many of them for years to come!

Speaking of time flying, we are halfway through our session today.  These four-week boys will go home in just two more weeks. While the honeymoon has long faded, it does seem like many of these guys are still working well together.  Some of the younger cabins are hitting some of their first “storming sessions” as they learn to work through differences with five other boys living together in 500 square feet of space. They do not yet see the importance, but I do.

Tonight, we had pan pizza on the lawn with our cabinmates, and then all headed down to the gym for some classic skit night! I should have some images tomorrow from that event.

Tomorrow looks to be another great one. I already saw the welcoming sign of cinnamon roll dough setting up in the cooler. If that is not a great start to the day, then call me crazy. We have more big adventures for our afternoon all-camp event as well. Stay tuned…

All the best,


Today’s Pictures