Gold Rush Sunday

Another fantastic Sunday at camp.  After a wonderful breakfast, and a little music, A multi-year staff member, Dallas, lead our morning by the lake with a talk about empathy; what it means, and how it can help our community. I was impressed to see the boys participate in some of the questions and really seem to understand what he was trying to explain.

We spent the rest of our morning in choice period or just plain relaxation.  It was great to see some guys enjoy participating in some of the games that the counselors put together.  I even enjoyed seeing our paddling staff go out of their way to help a few boys work through their gates tests that will take them on to kayaking.  Of course, the gaga pit was busy, and there were a couple of basketball games going on in the gym.  There were even a number of groups taking in a round of disc golf that slowly took them all the way to lunch.  These four-week boys get it!  They love camp, and they know how they want to spend it. 

The afternoon was a new event that some of our staff put together called “Gold Rush!”  the premise is around three families prospecting for gold.  Each camper group (family) tries to find as much gold as possible for the family.  There were games of skill, gold mines, and side quests.  However, there were also temptations to convert some of your gold into coin and spend it on items at the emporium, the root beer saloon, or even card games.  It was a large time had by all. 

After a “shower hour” the boys enjoyed our weekly cookout on the lawn of wonderfully grilled burgers and dogs. We headed up the hill for our weekly campfire to relax for the evening, sing some songs, and listen to a story. Woody reminded the boys about the group of Mini II guys coming in tomorrow and how we needed to help them with “The High Rocks Way.” It sure was a great day.

We kick off the day with three different trips heading out the door before the Minis even arrive.  There is a three-day climb, a two-day hike, and a mountain biking trip all heading out in the morning early.


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