Here Comes A Memory

I enjoyed hearing the first wake-up bell of the session ring this morning.  In recent years it has been immediately followed by an energetic “GOOD MORNING HIGH ROCKS.”  It’s been something of a modern tradition that has caught on over the years.  The most excited person lately has been Nate our Camp Chef and kitchen manager.  He loves to get out and ring the bell in the morning!  At times there are a few staff and even a group of campers.  What a pleasing echo across the lake for the morning!

Morning assembly was up next. The ever-important motion song is a key part of our day. Assembly serves several purposes, but mostly it’s about getting our bodies and minds ready for the day. Our first assembly today included a number of motion songs as well as some other sing-alongs. We then talked a little bit about cabin clean-up as our age group inspectors give the boys some feedback about their morning duties.

I was a little busier in the office than I cared for, but duty calls for the big picture here at High Rocks and we must do the grind. I was able to get out my director’s email with your son’s schedule and a few details this afternoon. I hope you all find that helpful.

Our first day of activities set a baseline that will springboard into some real learning through the session. The boys were jumping on their bikes, paddling their canoes, and even riding horses! These “first steps” of some rules, terminology, and simple skills will lend themselves to a lot of future advancement. It is far more than “wee ha” but they don’t know that yet.  We will talk more about that later in the session.

Tonight, several of our guys headed out for the first round of cabin overnights. A time-honored tradition of pita pizzas, campfire, and s’mores. It is a wonderful opportunity to take advantage of our five open-air shelters that are out on the property. A short hike with just enough organizations to make it there and then the fun begins. I look forward to seeing them in the morning just before breakfast.

Other age groups took advantage of the wonderful evening we had to some McCallie Ball, dodge ball, soccer, and even some “canoe fill-ups.” I always enjoy watching the “Fill-ups” event.  Nothing says controlled chaos like throwing four dudes in a boat and some milk jugs and ask them to go sink the other boats.  The pictures always come out great.  It’s one of those games that the boys go out to try to win but realize that being sunk is just as much fun as trying to sink someone else.  I can’t help but play some of Wagner’s “Ride of the Valkyries” in my head while I look at the pictures. I encourage you to find the tune and then role the images of the canoe fill-ups.  It certainly adds to the moment.  In the end, the boats and paddles float around like they all exploded and are everywhere. The kids are all in the water praising everyone for a battle well fought. This is what High Rocks is meant to be…

I met most of the guys up at snack as they slowly calmed down to a reasonable roar before heading back to their cabins to shower and settle in for the evening. Certainly, a solid day at Camp High Rocks.

Have a great night. The boys are doing great!


Today’s Pictures