The Mini Men

Life at camp started pretty early this morning.  A group of climbers was heading out for a two-day adventure at about 7 am today. They will head off to Virginia to a cool location As I made my way to the dining hall for our daily “meeting of the minds” there was a flurry of excitement.  Several trips were getting a jump on the day to head out and get to it.  I love that summer offers us such long days. The paddlers had a morning French Broad trip and then a French Broad overnight.   The mountain bikers ripped it up once again next door at DuPont State Forest. 

It’s been a little “steamy” here on The Rocks.  While the temperature has not been too bad, the humidity has been hanging around the 90% range frequently.  It has certainly made for a fun evening lake time with canoe-fill-ups, free-swim, the waterslide, and the rope swing.  The evenings have cooled off with a typical quick shower that has helped bring down the heat.  It’s the typical weather we see this time of year. It’s warm enough to want to swim and not too hot to feel awful when the activity is a little more intense.

The Mini Men had a big bang day here at High Rocks.  Foxhollow took the morning to climb around on the high ropes course.  The French Broad overnight that took off this afternoon were all Mini Men, and finally, the youngest of the Mini Men from Hillside and Connestee took off for Chill Night tonight.

Our mini boys are on their final day tomorrow. They will still have a full day of activities and then a cabin night, followed by campfire, and then we will do our fireworks show we missed on Monday. It’s going to be an action-packed day for them tomorrow. We look forward to seeing all our mini I parents on Saturday morning Pick-up is from 10-11 am.

It’s going to be another eventful day again tomorrow.  Have a great night.


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