Upper Senior Challenge Sunday

Another fantastic Sunday here at High Rocks!  After a much-needed sleep-in, the boys worked hard to get their laundry up to the lot before breakfast. We enjoyed some of those scratch-made cinnamon rolls from Nate and the kitchen crew accompanied by scrambled eggs, oatmeal, fresh-cut fruit, yogurt, and assorted cereals. We had a great meal, then a little bounce-around time in assembly before heading down to the lake for our morning service.

We wrapped up the morning with several choice activities.  The only requirement is that the boys had to take in the beauty of the day by being outside.  Many of the guys felt like the lake was their primary destination to beat the heat.  We did add the option of the mud pit for the boys as well. It was all juiced up and ready for them. As you might imagine, it was mostly the youngest boys that were excited. It did make for some great pictures. Many boys took the quiet morning to relax by the lake or in the shade either just hanging out, reading a book, or playing a few rounds of disc golf.

The main event, however, was the annual “Upper Senior Challenge!”  It is always a highly anticipated event for our oldest age group of campers.  The event is like an adventure race, and it is put together very much like ‘The Amazing Race.” Teams must move from place-to-place performing tasks and challenges.  Each clue takes them to another part of camp where they must read and communicate the challenge appropriately to the other team members.  Most all the challenges are activities some of the guys have been doing for years at camp.  Teams are divided up by cabin groups and only the oldest “upper-senior” group competes.  Activities included a lot of running, shooting sports, mountain biking, climbing, canoeing, the rope swing, swimming, and fire building, along with some slightly different events that include sculpture, and dining hall clean-up with motion songs attached.  It was truly a challenge for these boys.  They all had a great time and cheered on each other throughout the event.  It is one of my favorite Sunday events in camp.  I really enjoy seeing these boys, some of whom have been here since they were seven, show their mastery and skills they have learned through their years of camp at High Rocks.

Tonight, we enjoyed our weekly cookout on the lawn with hamburgers, hotdogs, and all the necessary toppings. It was a wonderful time on the lawn watching all of the guys hang out and enjoy the company.

It sure was great to have everyone up at campfire. The band led some slower songs that set the mood as Austin Telk told us an epic tale. Near the end of campfire, we handed out five-year backpacks for this session. There were 16 campers that received them tonight.  All of these boys are about to complete their fifth summer here at High Rocks.  We also have 15 boys this session who have been here five years or more! High Rocks is a place where you can grow up.  I have known many of these boys since they were seven and eight years old! I have watched them overcome challenges, work through frustrations, and have the time of their lives! I really enjoy seeing these guys come back year after year! Giving them out this Sunday allows them to show them off for five more days before they leave.

As we shared our weekly thought from a counselor and all sang taps, I enjoyed watching the boys head into the night quietly down the hill. It sure was a great week!

It is hard to believe that we only have five more days until we see all of the parents again! It is a fun-filled week that will not disappoint. I look forward to telling you all about it.

Have a great night,

Don Gentle
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