Welcome Two Week Campers

It sure was a wonderful opening day of the season! I certainly enjoy meeting new families and reconnecting with so many of the boys that come back year after year. It was fantastic to jump into the summer with such a fantastic group of boys.

I am so excited to share the wonder of what we do every day.  My hope is to capture the moment and let you in on a little of what is happening at High Rocks.  I’ll try to include you in a lesson or two on why things work out the way they do and add some notes on why we do it. As with most writers, some days will be a little better than others and I am certain my proofing will lead to something to be desired.  My hope is that you will find the time and energy it takes to get these boys here to High Rocks is worth it and an important part of their development. Now on to some details…

Most everyone was here by lunch and after a brief orientation, we headed in for a meal of chicken fingers, fresh fruit salad, pasta salad, cut veggies, tossed salad, and sun butter and jelly is another option.

After lunch, we quickly busied ourselves with some activity rotations to find out what opportunities lurk out there in High Rocks land. We also use the opportunity to learn some basic skills and check-offs. By the time dinner came around we were ready to feast! Dinner is another opening day favorite with pasta, scratch-made meat, marinara, pesto, and alfredo sauce paired with garlic bread and scratch-made chocolate chip cookies. Add a salad bar full of all sorts of wonderful veggies, greens, and cheeses and you have one solid opening day.

The afternoon was juggled up a bit with a little rain storm, but that did not stop us from running around and having fun. We just switched a few activities around and did some swim tests after dinner. It was a great way to cool off.  After a few activity rotations, we headed in for dinner.

Dinner: Pasta with the choice of alfredo, red, or scratch-made pesto sauces; corn and/or steamed broccoli, house-made yeast rolls, and lemon cake for dessert.

Below tonight’s blog is the link to the High Rocks Gallery. You will notice that our website and picture gallery is very user-friendly on almost any device, including mobile and tablet devices.  This gallery is password protected. If you are new to the gallery, you should have received an automated email today with details for your login.  If you are returning, use the email address that received the opening day email.  Your password is the same as last year. If you cannot remember, just use the “forgot password” link to retrieve a new one.

It may make sense to save the link and log in to your browser for quick access. I will try my best to get the blog up by 9:30 pm each night, but sometimes camp does get in the way, or our rural internet has been quite slow. Don’t fret! We will get you the pictures as soon as we can! We are likely to push up some pictures throughout the day, but they will continue to go up until the blog is live.  Once the blog is up, it typically means that pictures are up for the day.

Don’t forget to follow us on social media.  We will make it worth your while by putting up a couple of extra pictures and a special video from time to time during the day. Facebook:  Camp High Rocks, and on Instagram. Feel free to throw up some of these great pictures to share on your feed.  We like making High Rocks look good!

Again, we see it as an honor and a privilege to have your boys here at High Rocks.  If anything did not go as planned today, please let us know. If you EVER have a question, please ask us! We want it to be an enjoyable experience for everyone!

Here comes the best time yet!

Don Gentle

Today’s Pictures 

I will be up late if you have questions. Drop me an email if you need help getting on the gallery, don@highrocks.com.