Waikiki Wednesday

It was such a busy day at High Rocks.  We had several trips out of camp today.  Canoeing took an all-day trip on the Green River today. These are boys that have done the French Broad before and moving on to their next level.  Mountain biking had a morning and afternoon trip out today.  The beauty of being so close to DuPont is that we can get in just as much riding as some camps do traveling all day. It is a great opportunity for these guys to get on some cool trails.  Hiking also had a trip out today that hit some granite peaks in DuPont called Big Rock. Finally, rock climbing had another trip up to Rich Mountain to get out on some real rock.

I am sure you have noticed a few pictures of the dogs around camp.  I think it’s funny how the boys want to know so much about them. There are two main camp dogs, Tsali and Barley.

Tsali is Hank and Townsend’s black lab. She is about ten years old.  She generally goes home only when she is required.  Sometimes she makes her way out on a cabin overnight or even a rest hour. She is not as active as she used to be, but still enjoys being around camp.

Barley is my golden retriever. He is about seven years old.  He swims most of the time, and loves to go on hikes, mountain bike rides, and anywhere there is action.  He has the best life ever!  Don’t tell your dog what my dog gets to do every day.

What I have come to find out is that I should probably be paying the dogs.  It’s no mistake they are here, but sometimes I am amazed at how much they add to camp life.  The dogs always seem to know when someone needs a little time.  The boys enjoy petting them as much and the dogs enjoy receiving it.  I love it when the boys go out of their way to introduce their parents to the dogs on closing day. Anyhow, just a little window into camp life.

We just have a couple of days left here. I cannot believe it! Tomorrow still has a lot going on with our last chill night and many more trips out of camp. We have “launch day” on Friday for all the guys building their first rockets!

Don Gentle

Today’s Pictures