What Families Say About Camp

At the end of each session, we ask parents “Why Camp High Rocks?” Their answers are always enlightening and really show why our parents and campers choose Camp High Rocks. Take a look at what our camp parents have to say!

Real Quotes from Real Parents

“…it’s truly amazing. Very organized and the communication is excellent. I feel like I know what’s going on all the time. The daily photos are great. And the friendliness and helpfulness of the entire staff is awesome.”
-S. Price

“High Rocks is a place where your son can make new friends, try new things, perfect old things, unplug, and grow up. We love it!” 
– S. Wessel

“High Rocks is a wonderful, nurturing environment that combines fun activities with new friends while being away from home. Take the chance, make the investment, encourage your son to get out of their comfort zone and you will see your child hold their head a little higher and their confidence shine.”
 – N. Fitch

“High Rocks gives them the freedom to try new things, make new friends, and gain independence and self-confidence while in a beautiful, unplugged setting. “
– G. Brosius

“High Rocks is an incredible opportunity for boys to learn and grow personally. Yes, they learn skills in various activities, but more importantly, they learn independence and confidence in themselves. We have seen the skills he learned navigating social situations, that he wouldn’t otherwise have experienced, cross over to school” 
 – S. Ross

“High Rocks is a magical place where boys can still be boys but also learn to grow into being well rounded and well-equipped adults. My husband had lots of experience with summer camps and I had zero… I am now 100% behind the mission of High Rocks being community, adventure, leadership, and independence and their focus on instilling these in our son. It’s a challenge in these uber-competitive and fast-moving times that kids can step away and focus on themselves without outside distractions and every member of staff from the moment you set foot on the beautiful campus is there to help your son do that!
 – L. Sawrie

“ Wonderful camp, terrific experience for our son. Great size. Lots of options for activities and the food was great. Clear communication with parents including terrific pictures to see your camper!”
 – P. Shure

“Honestly, I think it’s some of the best money we spend. It’s a great opportunity for the boys to unplug from lives where they are constantly connected to electronics and constantly being scheduled and micromanaged. It gives them the opportunity to be independent in a way that nothing other than camp can do.”
 – J. Richards

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