Upper Senior Challenge and Zombie Apocolypse

It was another fantastic Sunday here at High Rocks!  After a much-needed sleep-in, the boys worked hard to get their laundry up to the lot before breakfast. We had a great meal including scratch-made cinnamon rolls, then a little bounce-around time in assembly before heading down to the lake for our morning service. You will see that assembly was a high-energy event. Woody led us for our Sunday morning with a little focus on Respect, another of our High Rocs Way cardinal points. I enjoyed hearing him share about his grandmother and co-founder of High Rocks. She was one bad lady. He shared all sorts of stories about snake wrestling in Africa, “wing walking,” piloting airplanes, and starting Camp High Rocks. Jane Williams had a huge heart and a will that would not stop. It was a nice thoughtful moment and Woody always has a way with his words that makes you want to know more.

The rest or the morning all of the guys enjoyed a morning of choices in activities. It was a perfect morning to swim, paddle, read, gaga, four square, run, play lawn games, disc golf, and just plain hang out. After a hefty lunch of enchilada and all the fixings, we took a little quiet time.

The afternoon brought on a “Zombie Apocolypse” for most of camp. The kids were hard-pressed to find their way to save the world from the Zombies! In the end, you will see that a mixture of bloody brains (just kidding) over the head of the lead zombie cured them all!

While the zombies were running a muck through most of camp, the Upper Senior age group participated in the annual Upper Senior Challenge. Again, this event is like an adventure race that is put together very much like ‘The Amazing Race.” Teams must move from place to place performing tasks.  Each clue takes them to another part of camp where they must read and communicate the challenge appropriately to the other team members.  Most all the challenges are activities some of the guys have been doing for years at camp.  Teams are divided up by cabin groups and only the oldest “upper-senior” group competes.  Activities included a lot of running, shooting sports, mountain biking, climbing, canoeing, the rope swing, pottery, fire building, and even a morning assembly motion song.  It was truly a challenge for these boys. They look forward to it for years and it is typically something most look forward to during their Upper Senior tenure.

Our day ended with a great cookout on the lawn followed by campfire and a fantastic story from a longtime staff member, Griffin Polack. Near the end of campfire, we handed out five-year backpacks for this session. There were ten campers that received them tonight.  All these boys are about to complete their fifth summer here at High Rocks.  Next week, we will hand out a few 10-year Fritz Orr paddles. 

We are so excited to have one more week! It is going to be amazing! 

Have a great night!


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