Camp on Cruise Control

Though breezy and cool this morning in what has become the norm, the day felt like it was heating up quickly. The routine clicked into place as soon as that bell tolled. It is amazing the feel of the place when everyone knows what their roles are in different parts of the day, and how to do them!

Heading into a really cool experience earned with some serious sweat equity, our hikers departed camp early for a hike in Caesars Head State Park called the Rim of the Gap. It is a longer hike notable for great views and some technical, steep, hands-n-feet stretches that will push the guys in comfort and endurance. Needless to say, they returned ready for a shower and a serious assault on dinner!

Canoers and kayakers also ate an early morning breakfast and loaded up for the Nantahala River. Our campers will be greeted with a beautiful river running through a really steep gorge that is well attended by other people. It always feels like quite a popular scene on the Nantahala. The water is COLD and fast, with more waves and splash than they have encountered yet this session. Though they will be a little late back to camp, I look forward to the stories and swagger after completing a challenging run.

Our climbers headed out of camp and into Pisgah to climb at the Nose of Looking Glass, one of the more iconic climbs in our area. The dry weather and breeze both were appreciated as the boys had opportunities to take lap after lap on the rock. The mountain biking crew was out of here in good time for a ride on Mine Mountain for the entirety of the morning, returning to camp just in time to inhale a lunch of BBQ, mac-n-cheese, fried okra, and salad bar. There was much lively conversation around the superior sauce base (western tomato or eastern vinegar) and then a rather sedate rest hour experience when all that heavy food hit home.

In camp, sailors were cruising at speed across the lake, confidently heeling boats now rather than being surprised by such an occurrence. Fishermen worked the shady areas of the lake with the bright sun chasing fish under some cover. Swimming had a heap of games they were playing through as a group swam yet another tri-swim. With Dolly’s as a reward for swimming 10 or more, there are always takers at each opportunity. 

Pottery was doing work throwing on the wheels and crafts was focused on painting today, with the slime from yesterday still somewhat in evidence around the place. Soccer had a hot day in the field to work on the concept of overloading on offense, how to defend it, and then a fun scrimmage. Horseback riders were trotting and some were cantering today, with the relaxed posture of guys who have ridden for a couple of weeks in a row and are now at home in the saddle. 

A good day indeed at camp to close out this week. The weekend and all of its fun ridiculousness is just around the corner. For now, campers are enjoying a cooler evening and the chance to kick their heels up a bit after working hard. 

That said, after a good night’s sleep the campers will be back at it tomorrow morning. More good pictures to come and enjoy the pictures from today’s events!

Have a good evening,

Woody Noland

Today’s Pictures