End Game and Final Campfire

Here’s to another wonderful session and a great June!  When you meet up with your son tomorrow, I can’t guarantee he will have all the paint from the end game washed off. And given the rain, even after some last-minute laundry, it is likely that everything is wet. What I can tell you is that he has had a great time and he is tired. While he may be excited to see you, he is also thinking about how long it will be until he comes back to the friends he has here. It may feel strange at first, but it’s important to understand these mixed feelings.  Once you get down the road he may sleep for a while, but take some time this next week to look at all the pictures together.  Let him tell the stories and show you the way.  Then you can ask the questions and he will be sure to answer them.

The final campfire is always my favorite, it is always a good closing event not only for me but all of the boys.  After all the music and stories, we celebrated one young staff member leaving after the session who hit their 10-year mark.  We celebrate this with a special Fritz Orr paddle that is handcrafted just for them. Ten years is quite a feat for these guys and you have to put in at least a CIT season even if you start as the youngest camper.  It is so cool to watch them grow up at High Rocks.

As you are thinking about camp for next summer, I always like to talk about how the July four-week has a whole bunch to offer, especially if your son does a lot of trips. That extra week adds a lot of opportunities. Let me know if I can help.

On behalf of the whole High Rocks team, thank you again for trusting us to mentor your son for these weeks.  It is always an adventure and always a privilege. Zoob, Woody, and I will be around at the pick-up stations. We look forward to seeing all of you tomorrow. You Rock!

Don Gentle

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