Heading into the Weekend

It is hard to believe that its already Friday of the session’s first week. It is typically about this time that campers have acquired both their sea-legs and the routine. The acceleration into camp life is a blast and a challenge at the same time. Few of our guys come into a session living at the pace that camp moves!

This morning dawned rather cloudy and misty with some light rain. It made it delightful weather for sleeping right up to the wakeup bell, which is helped by the physical demands of the previous day. We did have several groups returning from their cabin overnights, shrugging off the light discomfort with ease as they dropped gear and headed to a hot breakfast.

Assembly this morning rocked loudly and then it was into the action for the morning. Our rain persisted for an hour or so before moving on and the rest of the day was gorgeous and warm. Unbothered by the early rain were crafts and pottery both. In Crafts, campers having been assembling their rockets in anticipation of launch day soon. Pottery classes are working through pinch pot techniques, and some guys enjoyed making some “pizzas” today while they talked about what might be for lunch. Though this was just an hour or so after breakfast, clearly food remained on the brain.

In tennis, not only were lessons happening but there was a good bit of talk and strategic thinking around our Camper/Counselor Tennis Tournament which is getting set to commence. An interested camper can ask any counselor to be their partner and then they come up with a team name. Those names are thrown together in a large and oft-contemplated tourney bracket and the fun begins with matches played in all the gray areas of the camp schedule. With ESPN level reporting and drama, the tournament slowly unfolds over the course of the session before winding up in an exciting Finals match that typically draws most of camp.

Swimmers were loving the heat of the afternoon and were working through some rescue skills. Out boaters were enjoying the cool start to the day for longer paddles across the lake and then games to practice the fast sprints and quick changes of direction. Sailors were whipping around the lake with the rather gusty breezes and fishermen were happily flogging the waters for eager bluegill.

Trips were busy now that our guys working through progressions and ready the that next step. Canoers and kayakers took out early for a Green river trip and enjoyed pretty, if hot, weather as they tried their new skills on some rather technical paddling. Hikers went up high into Pisgah for a climb up Sam Knob and some big sunny views. The blueberries are not in yet, but they’re coming as we ease later into the summer. The guys were greeted with parting clouds and a strong cool breeze before the sun broke all the way through. They then summited Black Balsam before descending to Looking Glass Falls for some cool mist off of that impressive waterfall.

Our climbers made a beeline for the South Side of Looking Glass, though the rains in Pisgah caught up to them and cut their climb a bit short. Mountain bikers also took a group out of camp for Dupont and they beat the summer rush into the forest, and then back out again. Man are we lucky with our proximity! On the ropes course, some of our oldest campers were up high on the elements and making quite the noisy scene. They are so comfortable up there that they tend to ham it up quite a bit.

The day began wrapping up in a very pleasant fashion as we started our weekend. The temperature cooled off nicely, the fireflies came out in droves, and camp settled into the nightly routine with practiced ease.

Please enjoy the pictures from the day. We are looking forward to our first Saturday of the session, and looking forward to seeing you back here as well.

Until then, have a good night!

Woody Noland

Today’s Pictures