Tie Dyes and Tacos

I sure do like waking up at Camp High Rocks!  The calm before the storm is delightful. Our day starts early at the Camp House. My two girls are finishing up high school exams.  They actually did a hybrid day with the morning at the barn and the afternoon at school.  Not too bad, but they would like the year to be over.  It’s bittersweet for us since our oldest, Grace, is graduating… She is heading off to Davidson in the fall. Izzie still has two more years of high school and is already over it :)…  Anyhow, it was an early morning as the girls went down to the barn to bring in horses, and Zoob and I made our way up for our morning admin meeting.

On my way up, Biscuit and Barley enjoyed meeting up with some of the guys returning from their overnights.  Biscuit was very interested in the leftover pizza, ashen, s’more smell coming from the group.  there has to be food in there somewhere…

After a quick hello to the kitchen staff and a hot cup of coffee, I was ready to sit down to talk about today’s adventures.  We cover the program, campers, staff, upcoming events, maintenance, and general operations for the coming days.  It’s a quick meeting, but we cover a lot. Everyone has their report for the group.  It’s almost a speed round as we move around the table taking notes and covering details.  We check some things off, highlight others, and always leave with a few more questions.

The morning wake-up bell rang mid-meeting.  Several staff showed up to join in on the “Good Morning High Rocks” yell!  We were off to a great start!

Tie Dye Tuesday is what we usually call it!  I enjoyed seeing several staff and campers show off their favorite tie dyes!  Always a fun and colorful day!

Our first groups started their rotation on the High Ropes Challenge course today. The boys spend an entire morning enjoying the obstacles and excitement of the aerial adventure with their age group mates, then wrap up with a big zipline that nearly takes them to the barn! It’s always a good time.

We could not have asked for more perfect weather!  Of course, we are prepared for anything mother nature throws our way, but camp sure is fantastic when it is warm and sunny!  Today was that kind of day! The lake was filled with eager swimmers, paddlers, sailors, and fishermen. 

It is also TACO TUESDAY today.  A crowd favorite that is less than exciting for those involved in the community adventure of dining hall clean-up.  Nonetheless, there was plenty of excitement for the black, beans, ground beef, onions tomato, guacamole, sour cream, and salsa. Choose soft tortillas, corn tortillas, or chips and you cannot go wrong! Add some bug juice and sweet tea, and that was something that kept the boys coming back for more!

The land sports were also kicking again today. I enjoyed seeing all the lessons and learning! Around choice period, I met with some more of our cabin groups that were heading out for their evening in the woods. I then made my way toward the gym where I enjoyed many a warrior in the arena over in the GaGa pit.

Keep the letters coming! The boys love it! I sure do enjoy watching them sit up around the dining hall before lunch reading their mail.

Life is good! Enjoy the pictures!


Today’s Pictures