Waikiki Wednesday

This morning I enjoyed watching the guys roll in from the woods after their overnights.  The stories of the “grit” these overnights teach us are always enjoyable.  They even create the best memories.  I enjoy hearing about how late they stayed up, who ate the most pita pizzas, or even how bad the sleeping conditions were last night.  While you never quite know exactly how it will unfold you can always count on the stories.  What I do notice is that they find their cabin conditions even more enjoyable.

You will notice a number of Hawaiian Themed shirts in the pictures tonight.  Some of the guys really go out of the way to look good on Waikiki Wednesday.  Just another cool opportunity for summer camp.

You can’t beat summer camp when it comes to time outside.  Our mountain air is pleasant, and the afternoon showers keep it cool just as it seems to get too hot.  The mountains of Western North Carolina are meant for summer camp.  That’s why some of our peers have already celebrated mentoring youth for over one hundred years.  Best of all, research has shown that spending time outside and in nature can significantly reduce anxiety and depression. Being outside, in fresh air helps lift your mood and your sense of well-being.  It’s the perfect combination for boys.  We get to move constantly, challenge ourselves, and even feel a little defeat.  It sure beats just about anything else…

Camp is divided into six different age groups. Some camps all them lines, tribes, teams, etc.  For us, it is typically a couple of buildings (four cabins) that mostly spend evening programs together, but will also use that identification for when to eat, where to sit, and a few other items.  There is a lot of time to address these boys by the age group, so almost always the group comes up with some sort of name that is typically followed by a response from the campers.  Here are this session’s age group names followed by a few of the responses.

For me, I feel more alive when camp is in session.  Even when things are not perfect they still seem to be better than no camp at all.

Age group 1: The Cobras -“SSSSSSS”

Age Group 2: Banana Boys – The response changes daily…

Age Group 3: BK (aka Burger King)  -“Have it Your Way”

Age Group 4: Narcoleptic Narwhals -Some sort of spin and splat…

Age Group 5: Closed Toeed Shoes  -“Hide Them Piggies!”

Age Group 6: ???? they couldn’t come up with something yet…  Teenagers… We still love them!

Some of the youngest boys headed out into the wood tonight. They were so excited to have some time around the campfire. Hillside, Foxhollow, and Flattop all took to the campsites for the night. It should be another bunch of good stories.

I hope you all are getting some outside time and that your life feels like summer camp at High Rocks.

Sleep Tight!


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