Still Crushing It!

Mondays always start with a bang.  It’s like the beginning of a horse race as all these “trip-eager” boys who were all stuck on our 1000-acre facility all weekend feel like they need to get out and do something. I know, it sounds awful being “stuck” here!  Anyhow, we tend to have all sorts of boys heading out on trips on the second Monday of the session.  Their skills are just starting to build, so it is time to test them out!

Our climbers had two trips out today. Almost 25 boys headed up to our local “High Rocks” climb today. Because it is just a short walk, we had an AM and PM trip allowing us plenty of time to climb and only miss half of our regular activities.

Our paddlers got up early to eat and were down the road before the first breakfast bell rang. They were off to the Nantahala River! It is a great place to learn for our kayakers who are looking to step it up a little.

Our hikers headed out to John Rock today in Pisgah. They had a great time with some awesome views and rolled in just before dinner.

It was another warm sunny day here at The Rocks! While the temperatures are nowhere near what many of you are experiencing, it was definitely a day to be in or on the water. The morning brought us a nice breeze that stuck with us for most of the day. It helped quite a bit, especially for the sailors.

Tonight, our youngest age group of boys headed out for the infamous “Chill Night.”  The event begins in Pisgah where they enjoy the natural water slide called “Sliding Rock,” and then head over to Dolly’s ice cream bar for the final piece of the “chill.” The rest of the boys enjoyed some great games in camp including the water slide and rope swing, three-ball soccer, dodgeball, and some games on the field.

While you are hanging out with friends and family on the extended holiday weekend. Be sure to tell them about High Rocks. I wanted to remind you that the summer is THE best time to visit camp for families that are considering High Rocks. There is no better time to see our camp in action, meet the staff and directors, and even meet the boys who attend here.  If you have friends or family in the area this summer, be sure to tell them to set up a tour of High Rocks.  You can send them this Tour Link!

Have a great night!

-Don Gentle

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