End of the “Work” Week

In what is becoming a normal pattern this July, the morning was bright, clear, and lightly cool at the wakeup bell. Cinnamon toast, oatmeal, fruit, cereal, eggs, and sausage launched us into our day and camp was off!

A Green river trip was first out the door with a mixed group of canoers and new kayakers. Mountain bikers were not far behind with a older group of riders ready to cover some serious miles over in Dupont. Hikers were not in quite the same hurry for a younger group of guys spending part of their last day on a trip to Dupont as well, but hiking to Bridal Veil Falls. On a warm day, getting to that cold water and maybe even sneaking behind the watery curtain of the falls is a delightful treat, not to mention an excellent lunch spot, before beginning the return journey back to the van.

Our two day climbing trip to Hidden Valley returned late this evening after maximizing their time up in Virginia. A bit dirty from all the fun and camping out. A lot proud of some serious climbing done. Showers and bed were the first order of business, but I look forward to the trip report this weekend.

Chalet, our youngest 4 Week fellas, were on the ropes course today. When I passed underneath them with a tour, they took great delight in calling down to us and demonstrating how comfortable they were dangling fifty feet up. A lot more comfortable than I am up there!

The clear morning also saw camp rolling at full speed in mountain biking as each class hit the trails, wrapping up the week with more advanced rides as their skills increase. That also resulted in some tired legs out there, with a few people showing up a bit late to their next class. I believe they are going to sleep well tonight! Climbers were all over the tower as campers were working on the next level up in routes or even a few guys belaying their fellow campers (with a counselor backing them up).

Fishing was enjoying working with live worms to combat the hot sun making things a bit slow. They got a huge spike of excitement when one camper managed to land a massive bass. It always amazes me how fast fun news like that can get around camp. It seemed by lunch that everyone was aware and the catcher of said fish was enjoying a glow of camp praise.

Crafts was working on a variety of choice projects with various colors of slime, origami, beadwork, and other options as fellas stretched the creative portion of their brains. Paddlers continue to work through the gates course and some of our young campers spent time in decked boats, without skirts yet, as a treat for hard work through the week.

We say goodbye to our Mini I campers tomorrow and are sad to see this crew go. They had a separate evening activity tonight with their own campfire and s’mores, which is a treat not normally done one campfire hill with a big group. A counselor told them a story before the group took an opportunity to hear from each of the campers and counselors in Mini camp, sharing some of their happy memories from these past two weeks. Then with a shout, I saw them thundering back down the hill to their cabins. Big smiles clear even in the dusk.

It feels like a well-deserved wrap on the week and a fun weekend coming. We look forward to seeing the Mini I families tomorrow morning from 10-11 as they pick up their campers, and look forward to seeing the rest of your back here tomorrow evening!

Have a good night,

Woody Noland

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