Lean on Me

This tie-died Tuesday was fairly clear, with just a touch of high level haze coming from up north. The bell rang out, camp flowed to breakfast where cinnamon toast always makes the morning seem a bit special. The assembly that had the typical rowdy songs, and some that pulled lightly at the heart strings as you can see in the featured picture above. The day was already off to a good start and we were just getting going.

With just three more days of camp remaining, trips are continuing and working like a well-oiled machine in getting out of camp. An advanced paddling two day left this morning bound for a run on the Upper Green today before camping out near the Pigeon river tonight. That sets up a relaxed morning waiting for the scheduled release on the Pigeon tomorrow for the guys to get a taste of bigger, faster water than they have seen yet this summer. I anticipate some excitement and some swagger from the group when return for dinner tomorrow evening. 

Mountain bikers took a group of guys into Dupont for their last biking trip of the session. The warm dry weather had them chugging water and moving fast apparently. A group of Mini II guys headed to the High Rocks on a morning climbing trip. Not only did they climb well, but also managed to successfully sing through a full rendition of “100 Bottles of Milk on the Wall”. Total victory was declared.

Our ropes course was busy with two different groups up high. Another group of Mini II campers made an assault on Rich Mountain for an afternoon hike. Age Group 1 fellas headed out to their Chill Night, many returning with the blue faces from the Superman flavor choice. And in a fun change up, a group of Upper Seniors took off after dinner for an evening round of golf across the road, rain and all. 

In camp activities were having some goofy fun as well. In swimming, there was a surprisingly intense game of treading water for as long as possible. The catch being that you had to hug yourself with your arms the whole time while keeping both ears free from the water’s surface. In passing, 40 seconds was the current best time though it was clear nobody was interested in letting that stand unchallenged.

Mountain bikers were riding through camp and taking obstacles as they came upon them before making their way to the island for a game that is basically the last man standing (on a bike). In short, you can’t put a foot down or run into anyone else and try to last as long as possible. With the water hazard all around, it looked like an awesome slow motion cage match of an event.

While the tower saw a bunch of guys going hard and looking to top out on the next climb perceived to be harder than their last, one group chose differently. The first I knew of it, a group of fifteen climbers replete in harnesses and helmets were roaming camp from activity to activity asking how they could help in each respective area. They called themselves “kindness ninjas” and picked up tennis balls, bits of trash, and who knows what else in their rambles. Different for sure, and impossible to argue with, especially considering the fun they were having doing so.

In each activity area, the vibe is similar as campers are working with skills in fun, and at times ridiculous, ways. In a conversation with some young Age Group 3 campers tonight, it came as a shock to them that there were only three full days left in the month they’ve been here. They all agreed that it didn’t seem long enough. One wise young man commented that each day seems crazy long, and the weeks fly by. Spot on.

Enjoy the pictures this evening. May you sleep like the campers tonight, with a patter of rain on your cabin roof and a fan blowing cool air around. We will see you back here tomorrow!

Woody Noland

Today’s Pictures