Life Is Good on the Mountain

Today was another busy one with all sorts of excitement. The weather has been steady in the low 80s for most of the week. It’s warm enough to want to swim and not too hot to feel awful when the activity is a little more intense. Today we had a two-day climb head out to a cool area in Virginia. The paddlers were heading out early to the Tuckaseegee River for another fun day of whitewater. The mountain bikers ripped it up once again next door at DuPont State Forest. There is still a group of hikers in Nantahala National Forest and the climbers took off for a two-day trip in Virginia.

If you have not seen your son in pictures he may be on a lot of trips.  While we do try to get cameras out on trips, it is not always the easiest.  The paddlers are probably the best.  One thing you can do is to encourage your son to get in front of the camera.  Our photographer works hard, but she can’t be everywhere at once. On a side note, please be sure to keep writing letters to the boys.  It is so cool to watch them eagerly checking the mailbox for letters.  They really like it.

Launch Day was a huge success and a lot of fun this morning.  After working over a week on their rockets, the boys finally had an opportunity to launch.  There are some big decisions on launch day and a number of possibilities. It is up to the boys if they want to launch their rocket or not.  If they choose to launch, we let them know that a few things can happen. First, your rocket may not launch at all. Second, your rocket might launch AND you may never see it again.  Third, it does launch, and you see it start coming down, but it has rested permanently in a tree.  Finally, all goes well, but your rocket breaks up on re-entry (crashes to the ground).  All of these are great life lessons.  Success has many different faces.  I believe everyone that decided to launch had success at launch.  We lost a few. A few broke up on re-entry, and some landed in the trees.  Nonetheless, everyone enjoyed their time building and learning about the physics of rockets.  Many guys had the opportunity to launch several times.

Our mini boys are on their final day tomorrow. It’s hard to believe the two weeks are almost over. I sat down with one table today and they looked at me like I was crazy when I told them at breakfast that they only had two days left. it is such a great group of guys. Tomorrow at 5 pm they will begin the packing process as the transition to closing day begins. We look forward to seeing all our mini I parents on Saturday morning. Pick-up time is 10-11 am.

Speaking of our mini I boys. They all hit the mud pit this evening.  There should be some pictures up tomorrow.

We sure are having a great time!

-Don Gentle

Today’s Pictures