Cabin Overnights

It was another fantastic day at High Rocks! The boys are still working hard to make it to breakfast on time, but that means they are working hard with their cabin clean-up. There are two of us that do the cabin inspections for this session. Today’s inspections were a very tight race. Bay Bennet and I had to look hard to find the best cabin today. They were all working so hard to get the Cabin of the Day. In the end, it was Srucepine II once again for the second time in a row. After an exciting assembly, it was off to more activity fun!

The boys moved through a lot more rotations today, trying new activities and even repeating some.  Outpost took their turn on the high ropes course this morning, leaving just Chalet to go for tomorrow! It is going to be a large time with that crew up there. Stay tuned!

All of the boys took to the woods for their cabin overnights out on our 1100-acre wood.  They will spend all night at one of our open-air shelters enjoying classic pita pizzas, carrots, and the smores around the fire.  I always enjoy hearing the stories when these boys roll back in just before breakfast. It should be a fun night.

Just one full day to go!  I hope you enjoy all the cool tie-dye shirts the boys made this week.  They look good!  We are certainly having a blast and reaching the home stretch now!

-Don Gentle

Today’s Pictures