Waking Up with High Rocks

It sure was fun waking up to a whole new group of excited boys! I love the mornings up here on the mountain.  The nice cool air, and the calm.  Once that bell rings, it is off and running.  I queried some boys today.  They were up pretty early, some mentioned 6:30 am!  I am not surprised.  The excitement for a whole new day at High Rocks is hard to keep down.

After breakfast, we headed down for our first assembly.  I love assembly; especially with this group!  We sang mostly all motion songs.  The “motion song” is a key item to set you straight for the day.  First, it’s important to warm up for the day. Two, you can’t be cool doing a motion song.  Everyone looks silly.  There goes the cool card out the window. Nothing beats seeing a bunch of boys getting all goofy, bouncing around, and singing some of the best camp songs. After some motion songs, our cabin inspector checked to let us know how we did with our cabin clean-up.  After inspections were announced, Outpost I was the clear winner of the COD (Cabin of the Day) Trophy. Larry (the flamingo) will hang out with Outpost I for the day. They will have to work even harder to keep him tomorrow.  Stay tuned to see how everyone works out on this important part of our day.

The boys continued to rotate through activities with their cabin groups all morning Windswept was the first cabin group to spend the morning on the High Rocks Challenge Course.  They moved through several obstacles and then were able to hit the zipline for a glorious finish. The brief free time before lunch allowed the guys to play some disc golf, head to the gym, or hit the camp store for some High Rocks merchandise.

The afternoon brought much of the same as we all hit a few more activities and then a longer free time. Our 5:00 free-time events included a choice of sailing/SUP boards, canoe fill-ups, gaga, or mountain biking.

Tonight, we all headed over to the activity field for a wonderful slip-and-slide evening paired with ice cream for snack.  It was then back to our cabins around 8 pm to run through showers, cabin meetings and then lights out.  I enjoyed hearing the counselors reading to their campers as I walked through the field after lights out. It sure was a fun day!

-Don Gentle

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