High Rocks Alum Spotlight: Liz Walker

Welcome back to our Alumni Spotlight Series! This series highlights alumni throughout our years and what they are up to now. Interested in being spotlighted or want to nominate someone doing good work? Email Darby at office@highrocks.com.

Today we are featuring Liz Walker. Read our other alumni spotlights on Barret Normann here and Dalton Langdon here.

Liz is a former High Rocks staff member from 2009-2012 who currently spends time between Leadville, Colorado and Brevard, NC. We are thrilled to share her story from starting as a camp mountain biking instructor to managing a professional cycling team.

What do you miss most about camp?

Ahhhhh camp was truly the simple life! I miss most the fun-filled days that drained the physical battery, but filled the spiritual battery.

What is one of your favorite Camp High Rocks memories?

There are so many! As a woman, I wasn’t a cabin staff member, so during rest hours and pre-meals, I loved going into the kitchen to “help” (chat with) the kitchen crew during their day. I also really loved kitchen duty so that I could see all of the campers come through the line and ask how their day was.

What advice would you give an incoming staff or camper?

Try something new and take the experience as it comes, even if it doesn’t come naturally at first. Also, communicate what you need to be successful. High Rocks is so supportive! (Check out this photo from Liz’s High Rocks years below!)

How did camp help you be brave?

As a woman working at a boys camp, it allowed me to be seen in a leadership position by my peers and campers. Now, still working in a male-dominated industry and sport, I’m braver and more confident in my role.

How has your time at Camp High Rocks impacted choices you have made in your life?

Working in the outdoor industry in college really solidified my desire to make it a career. Additionally, I grew a tremendous amount as a mountain bike instructor while on mountain bike staff — and turns out, I’m now team manager of a professional cycling team! I’d say CHR has impacted my career choices a lot!

What are one or two of your proudest moments post camp that your time at High Rocks played a role in?

High Rocks really was the jumping off point for my career. Two things I’m very proud of: one of my athletes, Linda Indergand, won Bronze Medal in mountain biking at the Tokyo Olympics! Additionally, I’m fond of instructing and empowering, so since High Rocks, I’ve earned a Master’s degree and am adjunct faculty at Colorado Mountain College Leadville. [Photo below courtesy of Robin Nevrala]

A Note From Camp About Liz

We are very proud of the outstanding contributions Liz is making to the cycling industry. Kaysee Armstrong, one of her pro riders, emphasizes, “Liz Walker not only brings leadership and management skills to the table but also instills confidence in all of us.” You can find more details in this article.

In a recent interview with Bike Magazine, Liz sheds light on the intricacies of her role as Liv’s Racing Team Manager, reaffirming what we already know about her – she has a genuine concern for others, exceptional leadership abilities, and meticulous attention creating positive community cultures. Read the article here!

Moreover, Liz currently serves as a mentor for Uplift, a women’s cycling industry mentorship program, and holds the position of Board Chair at The Cycle Effect. Way to go Liz!