Challenge is a Good Thing

It almost felt like camp was beginning the work week after such a relaxing Sunday.  It was a busy morning with rock climbing, canoeing, and hiking all eating early to get out of camp for an all-day or overnight adventure. We jumped right into assembly and activities as we went back into our normal routine.  It was hardly routine for out June Mini boys who were heading to their activities for the first time.  June mini parents, you should have received my email about your campers schedule earlier today. I couldn’t help but post this group of camp friends.  I love it when boys from around the country meet special folks right here at High Rocks.

Did you see the flag pictures from last night’s campfire?  We are beginning a new tradition this year.  The High Rocks flag will be given out to all third year campers at our firs campfire of the session.  We had to play some catch-up with campers who have been here more than three years, so there were nearly 90 campers getting flags last night.  I think they look pretty cool. The boys seemed to think so as well.

Like most of the country, we are heating up here at High Rocks.  While that is true the temperatures are getting warmer, it only hit 81 degrees today.  The humidity did make it feel a little warmer.  Life at 3000 feet has advantages.  We still enjoyed a low of 64 degrees last night. We will continue the warming trend this week.  

The boys sure are enjoying the time on the lake this week!  We also saw our boys in hiking head out for an overnight adventure to Panthertown in Nantahala National Forest.

Today's Lesson

Speaking of adventure, I thought I would share a little information I was using during our staff training. Adventure is such a key component of a healthy young man’s life. Boys need to have a sense of at least “perceived” risk. Exposure to healthy risks, particularly physical, enables children to experience fear, learn the strengths and limitations of their own bodies, and flirt with uncertainty. Research shows such play is associated with increased physical activity, social skills, risk management skills, resilience, and self-confidence. In today’s world, it’s no wonder that the simulated risk of computer games is so compelling and addictive.  The real world seems rather tame and even boring in comparison. A summer camp experience like High Rocks adds a lot of guided adventure to help these boys feel the thrill and even a little fear. As humans we are designed to experience a little fear – manage it out of our lives and boys will seek it elsewhere. This could be on the internet or even with self-destructive behavior.  High Rocks keeps it fun, safe, and just at the right level of comfortably uncomfortable. That is my “kids need camp” moment for the day. I hope it makes sense.

Tennis a Life Skill?

We are so proud of our fantastic tennis courts and our local pro Brad Jones.  He has been working with these guys for the last four years here at High Rocks.  Tennis is such a great lifestyle sport.  Like golf, it is a great way to meet-up with friends and unlike golf it is a great way to keep in shape. I really enjoy seeing these boys build some skills through thier time here.


Evening Program

Tonight was airband night for most of camp.  It was great to see so many of the guys up on stage acting out their favorite songs.  Our oldest boys headed out for their “Chill Night” at Sliding Rock.  The chill night adventure will continue down the age group chain, so that all of the boys will get to head into Pisgah’s own natural Sliding Rock (chilly part 1), then head over to the infamous Dolly’s where they can choose from a number of special “Camp” flavors. These are special flavors from area camps that are only available at Dolly’s (chilly part 2).  And of course they get to hang out (chill part 3) with their age group and cabin buddies all night. They rolled back into camp around 8:45 pm just in time to head back to the cabin and get ready for another big day at High Rocks! …and they looked pretty chill.

It is not too early to start thinking about next summer.  If you have friends that may be interested, the summer is THE best time to see camp in all its glory. If you time it right while all the boys are out in their activities, prospective families can speak with the staff and campers as they move around High Rocks to see how our community runs. It is a great experience. Spread the word! Here is the tour sign-up link.  You can also just give us a call to schedule a tour.

Have a great night!