Already at Full Speed

This morning dawned clear and cool. A perfect mountain morning that saw our campers snuggling deep in their blankets right up to the bell before it was time to spring into action. That same morning cool also meant there was an extra spring in their step as they got dressed, made their beds, completed their cabin chores, and then sprinted to breakfast!

After consuming prodigious amounts of blueberry muffins, eggs, grits, sausages, fruits, and cereals it was down to morning assembly in the gym with the counselor band leading the charge. Any morning sausage happens means that the song Dunderbeck is in the line-up. You can hear that chorus from anywhere in camp!

This was the second day of the regular activity scheduling and already our campers were looking comfortable with the happenings. They knew where they were going, how much time they had to grab a snack on the way by the dining hall, and what they needed to be prepared for each activity lesson. On this Tuesday, tie-dye shirts ran rampant amongst the crowd, which also enjoyed a messy-but-tasty taco lunch for similar alliterative reasons.

Out in camp there was big group fun, and there were already some cool individual moments taking place. In the pottery studio some guys surprised themselves with a level of dexterity in clay as they chose to make either fish or frog. Those who picked frogs had a steeper learning curve in front of them, and for one young lad he threw in making a guitar in his optional free time as well! Lots of kudos from our instructors for all involved.

On the lake, our canoers were amazed to see a small waterspout pass them by on a day not noticeable for its wind. As the story was told over dinner it seemed like the spout was growing by the minute, but it was a really cool natural moment for those nearby. Our head of swimming also reported in about two campers who had not passed their swim tests, and signed up for swim class. In two days, their progress has been rather remarkable and they have clearly stated their goal to pass the swim test before the session is done.

Camp take-aways happen fast!

We have been in two activity days! It is one of the many reasons working in an environment like this is so fulfilling, even vicariously. There have already been memories and skills made that will go with these young guys well past their time at camp. I can’t wait to see what happens in the rest of the three weeks!!


Age Groups Evening Program

This evening the cabins of Overlook, Halfway, Sprucepine, and Outpost all headed out for their cabin overnights spent further out on camp property. They will all be cooking pita pizzas and s’mores before diving into games and chatting around the campfire in the lead up to spending a night out in the woods. An event that is exciting and sometimes a little scary for guys not used to the total dark and different sounds. It never fails to make their cabins feel a lot more like home upon their morning return!

In camp, our youngest two age groups (Connestee, Lakeside, Foxhollow)were having a variety of rowdy dodgeball games to burn off their tasty dinner. Chalet and Windswept let out a huge cheer at the news they would be on the ropeswing and waterslide for the evening, and our eldest fellas engaged in some epic naval warfare in canoe fillups.

Snack is going on before the shift back to the cabin routine and a cool, comfy night’s sleep ahead.

May all of you at home sleep as well as your guys are about too! We will see you back here tomorrow evening.

Woody Noland