Community Takes Work

It’s hard to believe that we have passed the halfway point already and only have nine days left of camp. Our second Waikiki Wednesday was quite delightful. I really enjoy the number of Hawaiian-style shirts that spread throughout the High Rocks community. It was the perfect outfit for a wonderful summer day. It hit a high of 77 today! That is a very nice day for us. Mountain life is just about perfect. It certainly allowed for great times on the lake. 

Our hikers took a quick trip over to Dupont State Forest for a sweet rock hop up this cool granite bald called Big Rock! They enjoyed a few waterfalls in the area as well, and were still back by lunch.  We really love having the 11,000 acres of that public land boardering our property.

Rock Climbing took off for a great all-day rock climb at a place called Melrose.  A great place to hit earlier in the summer before it gets too hot.

Our paddlers took another group down the mighty Green River.  The boys will work their way down the river, but also stop at several rapids and practice skills that will make them stronger paddlers for the next river.

Our Age Group 5 boys (Overlook and Halfway) all took off after lunch for a group whitewater rafting event on Section 9 of the French Broad River. It is an annul event that is only for this age group.  Afterward, they all met up at a secret location for a pizza dinner before heading back to camp tonight.


Community Takes All of Us

While there were a number of trips out, we still had a wonderful time in camp! The boys are still enjoying and learning in their daily activities. Most of the latest learning is in the cabin. Living with six other boys in your cabin is becoming a little more real and there are times when the boys need to work a few situations out. Our evening cabin meetings are a great venue for discussions of concern and even a place to vent about your day. It’s not typically a very long meeting, but it is a time to think about the day and talk about what is on your mind as well as thoughts about tomorrow.  Some counselors have a set plan where they talk about the highs and lows of the day, and then maybe something they are looking forward to in the future.  This is a very important part of creating our community here at High Rocks. It’s also what keeps the roof on the building after living with five to six other guys in a very tight space for three weeks.

The Trip IS the Reward

For many campers that work through a progression journey here at High Rocks, the trip is what excites them the most.  Of course, the destination is a big part, but I also feel like spending time in a small group lends itself to these “mico-communites” that develop.  The boys learn a little more about each other, and it is certainly much quieter.  Here is a picture of our two-day Panthertown trip.  I put a few more in the gallery.  They boys had a blast!


Evening Program

Tonight our June Mini boys met up at 5pm to pack-up for their cabin overnight event. The cabin overnight is another time-honored tradition that works wonders while the boys hardly realize it. Everyone will get the opportunity to hit the wilderness on our private 1000-acre wood. They will all enjoy some pita pizzas over the camp stove, a nice campfire, and wrap it up with s’more and games until bedtime.  We will see them just before breakfast tomorrow.

Chalet and Windswept had the Chill Night event tonight.  I hope you saw my write-up earlier this week.  They will hit Sliding Rock and then Dolly’s Ice Cream Bar before coming back right at call to quarters.

Be sure to keep writing those letters and emails.  Encourage your boys to write back as well.

Have a great night!