Jersday Thursday

As I mentioned yesterday, today was going to be a themed jersey day alos know as Jersday Thursday!  There were so many cool jerseys out there today! Some boys had full on kits going on. It sure felt like a perfect camp day at High Rocks.  A nice high-pressure day with a little breeze and plenty of sunshine!  We had trips in all sorts of directions and the boys are just getting into the groove of the session.  It seems like they have been here for weeks already!  I love when the flow of the session begins.

Today's Lesson

One of the cool aspects of Camp High Rocks is the free flow nature of how the campers move about.  Learning to make their way from activity to activity. Hopefully showing up with the correct clothing and footware, and even stopping by to grab a snack in between activity hours.  The boys learn quickly that a day pack can hold everything you need for the morning or afternoon including the necessary water bottle. They feel a sense of autonomy as they move around the property.  On the backend, however, we know exactly where they are evey step of the way.  We cetainly want to be sure we can account for everyone as we take role, but even on trips the technology of databases and queries allows the activity staff know who to expect every hour even when 30 – 40 boys may be off campus. The boys don’t need to know that, but it sure makes me feel better.

Speaking of lessons. Our upper seniors have been working through several leadership skill sessions this year. Today you will see some pictures of the maintenance boys showing how to change a tire and check your car’s fluid levels.  The boys had a blast and were super-interested. 

Shelters and Knots

The guys at hiking today were working on setting up tarps and tents.  Learning knots and how to set up a shelter is a great skill that can transfer to many life experiences.  I hope the boys choose a hike to practice their new found craft.


Learning Through Practice

I know many of the parents are wondering how everyone is doing, and I hope the nightly blog and pictures give you a good sense of the daily routine of camp. In the next day or so the first letters from High Rocks will be arriving in your mailbox. There is the possibility of a letter coming home that may worry you. So, let’s talk about homesickness.  It’s not a scary word. It’s all about growing up one step at a time.  After over 30 years here at High Rocks, I have some pretty good experience with kids and camp. That being said, a little homesickness is normal.  More often than not, what you are reading in those letters today has passed. They are on to bigger heights. Remember, we are professionals. If you feel worried at all just drop us a line.  Don’t forget to do the same for your son.  Give him some encouraging words; tell him how proud you are and how he will be just fine.  Try not to go on about how the dog misses him, or all the cool things you are doing at home.  When you are learning to take some steps on your own, sometimes you fall down and get back up. It’s definitely not a reason to stop walking. Camp is a super place to step out on your own.  If you do feel like you need to give us a call, we are here to help.  Don’t forget, the boys love mail.  So keep sending it.

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Thanks for reading!