Jersday Thursday Again

The mornings are becoming routine. I love to head up for my morning meeting after I get myself put together. I always grab a cup of coffee in the dining hall. It’s a fantastic cup of coffee. A friend of mine owns a wonderful little coffee roaster in town. He mixes up a special blend for our staff. It really is delightful! Anyhow, after I grab my cup of coffee, I like to head over toward the kitchen to see what might be cooking up and say hello to the gang in there. I love our kitchen crew and they really do take care of us. It was another wonderful morning as I grabbed a piece of warm coffee cake that was just coming out of the oven. It was a great start to another great day. Our executive team meets most days around 7:30 am to cover the details of the day and stay ahead of the curve for tomorrow. It is always time well spent as we watch camp come alive until breakfast.

It was another busy day here on the Rocks.  Mountain biking, and canoeing, had trips out again today. Rock climbing had both morning and afternoon trips out to our High Rocks site.  Finally, the hikers had another two-day out today, this time into Pisgah National Forest.

You will see a lot of team jerseys out there today.  The staff made it Jersday Thursday a couple of years back. We even created our own High Rocks Jersey forsome of the staff a couple years back. I was sporting my new English Premier League Arsenal Gunners home jersey.  My girls got it for me on Father’s Day.  

Trunk Shipping

I do have some housekeeping notes from Darby. If you are planning on shipping a trunk/duffle home there are two steps. First, please fill out the UPS Store’s form here. If you have questions, you are welcome to call UPS at (828) 883-4701. Second, please email our office to let us know that you wish to have your trunk/duffle shipped and we will deliver your item(s) to the UPS store on Closing Day.

Mountain Biking

did you know that Western North Carolina has become a biking hub in the Southeast.  Areas like Dupont, Pisgah and Nantahala National Forest, and even more places just down the hill in South Carolina have some of the best trails in the east! High Rocks has over 20 miles of trails.  This shot on “Shrimpers” is right here on the property.  We focus on many skills and have plenty to offer as the boys progress.


Age Groups Evening Program

Age group 5 (Halfway and Overlook) took off for Chill Night tonight.  

Sprucepine and Outpost played dodgeball on the activity field.  Age group 6 (Lookout and Pinnacle) were on the soccer field.  The big event for me was with age groups 1 through 3, which is Hillside, Connestee, Lakeside, Foxhollow, Flattop, Chalet, and Windswept.  I hosted the boys in the gym for an evening of square and line dance practice.  We will be hosting Keyston Camp for Girls on Saturday night and I wanted to be sure my boys felt good about the event.  Don’t get me wrong, they are a little nervous.  I was so proud of them!  They all participated tonight, had lots of questions, and we all had a blast! I can’t wait for Saturday night.

The sun was setting on another great day as the boys headed up for evening snack time and then back to the cabins for showers. They looked a little winded, but happy.  It will all start again promptly at 7:45 am tomorrow. 

Thanks for reading. I appreciate the trust you have put in us to assist in the growth and accomplishments of your boys. It’s always a privilege.

Don Gentle