Only A Few Days Left

It was another great weather day at High Rocks!  Warm, sunny, with a fantastic breeze all day long!  The sailboats had a blast on the lake today! 

If you do not see your son, it is likely he is out on a trip today.  We had several trips out the door this morning. Our rock climbing two-day headed out to Virginia this morning.  Our paddlers went to the Tuckaseegee River for a continuation down the river of progression. Mountain biking ripped it up over in Dupont again this morning. Even swimming took to the river this afternoon for a tubing trip!

I enjoy seeing the boys during this phase of the session. They all have it down with how they move about camp.  The boys move about like it’s their home.  Everyone is getting a little winded, but it sure is fun to see the interactions.  The last couple of days always seem like the best of times. A three-week session is such a great timeframe for camp.

Our Staff are the Magic

The magic happens in these relationships. The boys will do anything for their attention and the staff enjoy showing them new skills, adventures, and lessons along the way.  It’s a different sort of relationship than a parent has with their child.  Personally, I love the adult mentors my girls have had through the years.  Those relationships give them so much more than I can.  I think the biggest part is that these adult mentors appear differently to our children than parents.  The kids think they are the coolest!


Evening Program

Our youngest crew from Hillside and Connestee headed out to Chill Night tonight.  They were so excited!  

Age group two (Lakeside, Flattop, and Foxhollow) enjoyed some canoe fill-ups on the lake.  I love this game.  It is so perfect camp chaos.  You take about four guys and a couple buckets and shove them out in the lake with each other and then they try to fill up each others canoe.  Add a few boundries, rules, and a few swamp creatures (staff acting as Kraken) and you have a wonderful evening event of controlled chaos.  I love to watch it play out as the evening sun warms up the images.

Age group three (Chalet and Windswept) were on the activity field. Age group four (Outpost and Sprucepine) spent a warm evening heading down the waterslide or off the rope swing.  Age group five (Halfway and Overlook) had some games on the tennis courts. Finally, age group six was on the soccer field.o

Your boys sure do make High Rocks a great place. We like to have more boys that are just like your sons. Remember, if you have any family friends in the area, the summer is the best time to see camp. Have them come by High Rocks to see it in action.   Send them to our tour page and we will take it from there.  We love to show off High Rocks!  Here is a link to the Tour Page. Only three full days of camp left!  Have a great night!