TGIF (@ Camp!)

It is the end of our second “work” week, though that doesn’t mean there was any knocking it off early for our camper crew this Friday! Yet another cool, clear morning with the bell ringing loud to get everyone moving. Breakfast was a southern affair of sausage biscuits, gravy, grits, berries/fruit, yogurt, and cereal. The dining hall was a bit relaxed this morning as the schedule asks a lot of our guys, but it didn’t stay relaxed for long.

As soon as an early breakfast was consumed, our paddlers made tracks for a day on the Tuck with a mixture of canoes and kayaks for the day. With the day proving to be a sunny and hot one, a river run was the perfect fit for that crew. Climbers hit the south side of Looking Glass for a beautiful day in Pisgah. The dry weather has meant climbing trips have all kinds of route choices to work with and the guys were pumped on what they got to try out today.

Mountain bikers held another morning assault on Dupont while the cabin on Foxhollow spent their morning on the ropes course. This afternoon, Flattop took their cabin’s turn up on the course before finishing with the zipline and having some stories to tell about many first experiences up that high. This afternoon also saw the triumphantly weary hiking overnight trip return. This group of guys had started high up in Pisgah yesterday morning and covered many miles of trail on the Art Loeb, working their way over, and then down, a difficult section of the forest. They looked proud of what they had accomplished in just two days, and smelled like they had accomplished quite a lot as well!

In camp, guys were finishing the week in style. This could mean, as in archery where several campers leveled up to shooting at 30 yards, that goals were being accomplished and new goals set for next week. This also meant that groups of friends were comfortably enjoying a cruise on paddleboards, splashing in the lake and enjoying time spent with each other. It is a good feel, when campers are getting what they would like from their camp day and finishing that day satisfied with achievements, friendships, and purpose.

Playing with Clay

In pottery, groups of campers worked on chess sets in a variety of themes, cutlery being the one featured here. Other set themes included food items, Star Wars characters, bugs, and rats! Some more pictures of the sets are in the gallery and are certainly worth a look. The creativity of the guys was on full display, mixed with a quality element of teamwork. In other gallery shots you can see campers working the wheels, creating lots of messy fun as they practice that new skill set!


Age Groups Evening Program

In this evening’s program, Age Group 2 had their opportunity to head out for their Chill Night. After an excited early dinner, the group bustled off to freeze on Sliding Rock, all the while loudly declaring various favorite/superior flavors of ice cream that would come after. Age Group 1 also spent time in the water with a crack at the ropeswing and waterslide. Age Group 3 played World Cup on the soccer fields. Age Groups 4, 5, and 6 combined into the gym for their square dance practice in preparation for tomorrow’s big event!

In addition to this roster of activities, several cabins had some fun surprises sprinkled in as well. From way back in the first week, the Camp Auction is still paying dividends. Chalet I cashed in on their movie night with popcorn. Outpost II and Halfway II both spent their evenings with a campfire and s’mores. These little dashes of fun have been happening throughout the session and are a fun way to spice up a day for the various winners.

Enjoy the pictures this evening, or perhaps tomorrow while luxuriating in a weekend morning. Know that our guys are also enjoying a weekend, though perhaps at a faster pace! Rest easy in the knowledge that we will have more pictures for you tomorrow. Have a great night!

Woody Noland