The Adventure Begins

I enjoyed hearing the first wake-up bell of the session ring this morning.  In recent years it has been immediately followed by an energetic “GOOD MORNING HIGH ROCKS.”  It’s been something of a modern tradition that has caught on over the years.  The most excitable person lately has been Nate our Camp Chef and kitchen manager.  He loves to get out and ring the bell in the morning!  Occasionally there are a few staff and even a group of campers.  What a pleasing echo across the lake for the morning!

I get so excited about the first morning at camp.  I always like asking the boys about their first night’s sleep and how cabin clean-up went. It was a brisk 54 degrees here this morning.  Nearly everyone was sweatshirts of some sort.  The boys made it from cabin clean-up, just in time for the bell as we headed into a delightful meal including scrambled eggs, oatmeal, and bacon.  Following that was a nice fruit bar including melon, blueberries, and grapes. We wrapped it up with some assorted cereals.  I was most excited about a warm coffee on this cool morning.

After breakfast, it was time to get our bodies moving down at assembly.  It is such a fun tradition for the boys and something they really enjoy.

Just Running Around Makes Everything Better

The unplugged environment along with continuous “real” interactions of friends and peers can inspire all sorts of excitement. I enjoyed the faces captured here.


Evening Program

A Different Cabin Overnight

Speaking of trips, we changed up the typical cabin overnight experience for our oldest camper group this year.  After years of cabin overnights on the property we decided to set up the whole age group to do a campout together.  Chad, Konner, and I grilled up some burgers and dogs while the boys enjoyed some time together.  We set tents up for the boys up at one of my favorite locations called Upper Pasture.  The pasture sits just out of the main camp with rolling hills and rock outcroppings surrounded by trees.  I departed before sunset after my grilling was complete. Many of the boys had started a wiffle ball game. Others were enjoying a card game on the rocks as the sun was slowly falling behind Rich Mountain. I look forward to hearing about their stories tomorrow.

Everyone will get the opportunity to spend the night in the wilderness on our private 1000-acre wood. We typically move down from oldest to youngest. Of course, the youngest guys always have the best stories. I hope to share some of those with you as well.

It sure was a great day at Camp High Rocks! I look forward to some more details and lessons along the way.

All the best,

Don Gentle