Upper Senior Challenge Sunday

It was another fantastic Sunday here at High Rocks!  After a much-needed sleep-in, the boys worked hard to get their laundry up to the lot before breakfast. We had a great meal including scratch-made cinnamon rolls, then a little bounce-around time in assembly before heading down to the lake for our morning service.  We spent the rest of our morning enjoying some chill time around camp.

The big event for the day was the Upper Senior Challenge. After starting way back in the summer of 2004, this year is the 20th (we skipped 2020) running of the Upper Senior Challenge.   We only run it during the two longer sessions.  It is always a challenge and a great time.  Again, the weather was great for the event as they ran around High Rocks challenging themselves with teamwork, camp activities, and focus.  It is not an easy event.  The challenges are varied based on activities and events from the years of experience here at High Rocks. It really levels the playing field from the more athletic to the less athletic. The boys will receive the results on Wednesday during their steak dinner.

The afternoon also brought on a “Zombie Apocolypse” for the rest of camp. The kids were hard-pressed to find their way to save the world from the Zombies! In the end, you will see that a mixture of bloody brains (just kidding) over the head of the Mad Scientist Overlord that cured them all! The paint always makes for some great pictures.


Rest Is Important

This pretty much sums up what most of the morning is about on Sundays.  It’s important to reflect, re-charge, and even rest.


Cookout and Campfire

After a good shower hour, we had a wonderful cookout on the lawn followed by our weekly campfire.  After the music, we listened to a great story, and then we gave out our 5-year backpacks to all those campers who have reached the milestone.

It sure was a great day!  We have a busy four days left! Stay tuned!