Waikiki Wednesday

You will notice several Hawaiian Themed shirts in the pictures tonight.  Some of the guys really go out of the way to look good on Waikiki Wednesday.  I am not sure when some of these theme days started, but many have been going on for decades. We don’t have something every day, but there are several like Tie Dye Tuesday, Waikiki Wednesday, and tomorrow is Jersday Thursday (might be a stretch).  The staff usually start the excitement and then, just like that, you have a tradition.  It did not have much of a showing today, but there is an offbeat group that is trying to make it “Wolf Wednesday.”  I am all for the fun in the sides about it.  We will see how the staff get it to take off this summer. Just another cool opportunity for summer camp at High Rocks.

These cool mornings have been a wonderful moment for me this summer.  While some might cringe at a 54-degree morning, I love the cool mountain air!  Just a moment or two out on the back deck to look over the lake and hear the stillness of camp before the chaos begins.  It’s not quiet.  The wildlife abounds. Most of the ruckus is from the birds as they begin their day.  A little warm coffee and moments like these are what every man should do every day! You have to enjoy peace and chaos together.  Savor the moment.  I hope these boys learn that while they are here.


The Trips are the Reward

Our first trips of the season headed out fo camp today.  Paddlers went down to The Green River, hikers headed up Rich Mountain, and the climbers spent the day in Pisgah at Looking Glass Rock.  Our tripping program thrives because the boys love to test their new learned skills at these cool locations.  Western North Caroling offers so much for adventure! We are so lucky to be in a place that has such great public lands.

High Ropes

Our high challenge course is always a hit for the cabins.  Rather than their regular morning activities, cabin groups are invited to enjoy the course. The boys spend an entire morning enjoying the obstacles and excitement of the aerial adventure with their cabinmates.  We have hosted this course for over 30 years.  It debuted my very first summer in 1994. While it has had several upgrades and iterations along the way, it has always been something the boys do with thier cabin group.  You cannot beat the zipline finish as your body zooms off the tower through the trees and out to the pasture toward the barn


Evening Program

Another group of cabin overnights went out tonight.  The boys of Connestee, Foxhollow, Lakeside, and Chalet will all spend the night out on the property tonight enjoying some pita pizzas, s’mores, and time around the fire to play some games.  

There is so much more to come! It sure is fun having your son here!

Have a great night!