The Adventure Begins

This morning was a treat, not only hearing the first wake-up bell of the session ring, but also just how cool the day broke over camp. In July, the advantage of living on top of a mountain becomes clear as the temps were in the upper 50s and it took a bit of convincing to emerge from warm blankets to start the day.

But emerge they did. In recent years that morning bell ringing has been immediately followed by an energetic “GOOD MORNING HIGH ROCKS.”  It’s been something of a modern tradition that has caught on over the years.  I really enjoy the mornings at camp.   I almost feel like camp should start even earlier, but I am certain the older boys up the hill would not agree!

After an industrious cabin cleanup with chores rotating daily, the camper crew made their way to the dining hall for some scrambled eggs off the flattop, toast with jam, sausage patties, fresh-cut fruit, strawberries, and blueberries. Of course, there is always assorted cereals to top things off. My routine often finds me sipping coffee and catching up with the guys in the morning as they work their way through the food offerings. I was still reconnecting with (much bigger!) guys I haven’t seen since last year, meeting some new campers, and really just enjoying the whole event.

Breakfast flows right into assembly in our gym where we get some motion/excitement going and hear about special opportunities for the day. Our first cabin inspections reported in from morning clean-up, and we coached the guys on getting to activities on time, staying hydrated, and how the morning schedule will run. Several of us made ourselves available for folks with last minute questions on where to go or what their first activity of the day actually is.

A big help with knowing where everyone is supposed to be and where they may be going next is a document called the “Dan Sheet.” Appropriately named my father who came up with the idea, the Dan Sheet has every camper, cabin, counselor, and activity all on the front and back of one legal sheet. It’s an essential resource and it fits perfectly in the pocket. By mid-session, it becomes key for lost and found as well!

The cool morning moved into a sunny and warm midday. The camp store was a popular event just before lunch. Our midday meal was tomato basil soup, several kinds of grilled cheese sandwiches, tater tots, and a varied salad bar.

After keeping hunger at bay once more, camp retires to their cabins for a rest hour which sees everyone spending some relatively quiet time playing cards, reading a book, taking a nap, or even writing a letter home. With a camp day so packed with constant energy burn, it is important to insist on a little breather, particularly as we get deeper into the session and guys benefit from a short rest.

Dinner tonight was baked chicken and rice, asparagus, dinner rolls, a salad bar, and a delicious cake with chocolate ganache plus whipped cream!

Explosive Fun

The rope swing and waterslide are both anticipated events during free times or evening activities. The swing involves a deathgrip on the rope out and then a brave release with many empty feet of air between you and the water. The slide involves no choice whatsoever. You just fly!


Age Groups Evening Program

Tonight Foxhollow, Windswept, Chalet and Overlook headed out for the first round of cabin overnights. A time-honored tradition of pita pizzas, campfire, and s’mores. It is a wonderful opportunity to take advantage of our open-air shelters that are out on the property. A short hike with just enough organization to make it there and then the fun begins. I look forward to seeing them in the morning just before breakfast.

This evening in camp, our Age Group 1 guys were enjoying games on the tennis courts. Age Group 2 were slinging themselves off the rope swing and water slide. Age Group 4 was battling it out in the gym in various dodgeball games, and Age Group 6 conducted some naval warfare with canoe fill-ups.


There are all sorts of pictures tonight.  Please email us if you have any problems with the gallery.  We have also sent out your son’s activity schedule this afternoon.  While this is a moment in time, he is likely to keep most of this schedule through the session.  Incidentally, you can also look on my.highrocks.com to see his current schedule as well as any special trips your son has been on this session.

Woody Noland