Tuesdays are Tuff

Today was a warm start to the day. Sun shining brightly and just a light breeze to move the few clouds overhead. Like clockwork, the bell tolled out at 7:45 to announce the official start to the day. With this second week cranking though, plenty of folks were already on the move as they got gear and breakfast sorted for the day’s trips.

Our mountain bikers took two trips out to Dupont, in the morning, and unusually, in the afternoon as well. The first group headed for the Ridgeline descent and enjoyed some speedy downhill as a rewarding finish for some solid uphill climbing. The second trip was bound for Wintergreen Falls which is an easier ride for some of our younger riders. The furthest point does indeed land them at the Falls where guys can spend time enjoying the view, cooling off, and even uncovering some crawfish!

A group of hikers left after an early breakfast, also heading to Dupont but focused on a different waterfall destination. It was a full day hike and the hikers could be somewhat leisurely about their pace. Toting their lunch as they were, they posted up at Bridal Veil Falls for a relaxed splash session and cool feet as they enjoyed the woods mostly all to themselves. One member of the group realized that, in the course of his High Rocks trips, he had managed to visit every waterfall in Dupont capped off with the trip today!

Our paddlers cruised over to the Lower Green for a pretty day on the river with a few less neighbors than last week. This was a first time for several guys on the trip who reported back in at dinner. There was some impressed talk of big rocks and waves, some talk of swimming, and a general agreement that it was a great trip! This was a marked contrast to the rather quiet group of nervous guys this morning waiting to head out. Lots of questions asked and re-asked for some assurance. Seeing the difference just a single day on the river can make warms my paddling counselor roots.

In camp, the day was hot and sunny with lots of guys getting goals done and enjoying the day, lost in the early part of the second week and probably having no idea what day of the week it is! Pottery was working on their ocarinas and figuring on how to affect the sounds made during the build. Tennis was doing work with some volleys and also cranking through some Camper/Counselor matches. Canoers were paddling with Old Town beaver tail canoe paddles today, feeling what different blade shapes do for your stroke. Some guys just past the gates course and were pumped at dinner to be able to hop into their choice of solo boats starting tomorrow.  Some of our youngest fellas in Connestee had their turn on the high ropes course this morning. You could hear their exited chatter from a good way off!

Camp is "Tuff"

In an alliterative stroke of genius, our photographer was roaming camp calling for shots of “Tuff Tuesday”, a new descriptor for this day. You will see sprinkled amongst the daily pictures several examples of our guys looking “tuff”. Most of them can even keep a straight face!


Age Groups Evening Program

Tonight, Age Group 1 was having some busy fun on the fields. Age Group 2 went big for their Chill Night opportunity. Age Group 3 had a crack at canoe fill-ups while 4 was battling it out in the gym for dodgeball. Age Groups 5 and 6 combined in the dining hall for a pub trivia style game of Camp High Rocks history replete with prizes for the top three teams. It was a blast!

Enjoy not only pictures from the day (just a little longer for the gallery tonight), but also our Week 1 highlight video! Have a good night and we will see you back here tomorrow evening.

Woody Noland