Soccer instruction at High Rocks focuses on the development of fundamental skills, teamwork, and having fun.  Many campers come to High Rocks with prior experience and a great love for the game, but the style of our program differs from more competition-intensive programs in which many of those who already play participate.

Soccer camp activities are designed to coach skills and foster progression through an internal competition, not through the comparison and stratification of individual campers based on skill level.  High Rocks offers an opportunity for the advanced player to play for the sake of playing, and for the interested camper who has never kicked a ball in his life to start running around, making passes, scoring goals, and having fun.

Typically, class time in soccer starts with a warm-up and stretching.  After getting loose and ready to run, the campers are coached on a particular skill and then spend the majority of class playing a game that emphasizes that particular skill in a fun way.

High Rocks is much more than a soccer camp or rock climbing camp. High Rocks is a traditional summer camp with an extensive array of activities, including soccer.

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Karen and Fred M.
~ Parents ~

"Fred has made many new friends from various states who he looks forward to seeing each summer. He also has developed the qualities and skills that we value most, including confidence, compassion, responsibility, and leadership, all while having an incredibly fun time. High Rocks is truly a special place."