Why is Summer Camp Important for

My Son?   Let us show you...

How can High Rocks make a difference?

  • Live Life Unplugged
    No electronics here! Learn to make real friends and have real conversations
  • Forge New Friendships
    We purposely limit the number of boys from the same city in a cabin.  We want the boys to make new friends and not bring the hassles and clicks of school with him.
  • 21st Century Skills
    Our program is designed to help kids gain the same 21st-century skills experts believe are needed to become successful adults.
  • Independence
    Boys learn how to overcome challenges under the direction of excellent mentors.
  • Outdoor Adventure
    Every boy chooses his activities. No one is "closed out" of an activity they wish to do. If they choose, the boys can climb, bike, paddle, and even horseback ride everyday. This really allows them to build new skills.

A great summer camp experience can be a formative and enriching experience in a young boys life.    At High Rocks, we focus on community, adventure, leadership, and independence to develop life skills. We want to form a partnership with your family to help raise a boy that is ready for the 21st century.


Our website is full of information about our Boys Summer Camp