Mini Sessions

For boys currently in 2nd – 5th grade.

Our Mini Sessions are a great place for many boys to begin their summer camp experience at Camp High Rocks! Nestled into our three and four-week sessions, it is a great opportunity for a younger brother to start out in a shorter session when his older brother is attending the full June or July session.


While the mini sessions are similar to our August session length, they differ slightly.  The boys jump right into their scheduled activities on the first full day of camp. Our mini-session boys also enjoy some of the great special events that happen in the longer June and July session including some amazing all-camp events and all the joy of July 4th including the fireworks show! 

The Mini sessions also allow the boys to seamlessly move into that longer June or July session. 

What You Can Look Forward To:

  • A short session, designed for campers to try camp out.
  • All the boys in his cabin are in the same session.  They will arrive and leave on the same day.
  • Just enough time to build some skills and even participate in some out-of-camp trips.
  • Seeing first-hand what campers from a longer session are experiencing.

This Session Includes:

Monday through Saturday, each camper enjoys five activity periods. As with all of our sessions, we focus on the individual and his goals.  All activities are open to all ages, with advancement determined by skill rather than age. Unlike other camps where adventure is a brief thrill, at Camp High Rocks, boys build and advance skills in activities like rock climbing, fostering growth that extends to other athletic pursuits.

We strive for a diverse group of boys, drawing from Southeastern and mid-Atlantic cities, as well as various locations across the U.S. and a few other countries. Our registration process is carefully managed to create a well-rounded group of boys by limiting the number of boys from the same school or city in a cabin.

This session includes an on property camp-out with their cabin, a trip to Sliding Rock concluding with a visit to the renowned Dolly’s Ice Cream Bar, and opportunities for out-of-camp trips in our adventure activities, special events, and themed days. Additionally, there will be activities with other local camps, such as a Square Dance or soccer match.

Independence, integrity, true friendships. The power of common experience in the wilderness is tremendous… And, the FOOD is so good! Boys need a place to be boys these days. I could go on for a long time about the merits of High Rocks, but you’ll only believe me after you see it in your son. So, send him!

Corey G. • Camp Camp Parent

We can’t wait to show you how fun this session is! This session is a great foundation for a longer camp experience in future years.

Have questions about picking the right session? Give us a call at (828)885-2153, email us at office@highrocks.com, or read the blog post below!

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