Opening Day

(Updated 5/12) While Opening Day will look a little different as we strive to maintain a safe in-camp community, it is always one of the best days of the year!  To assist in preparing you and your camper, please watch our Opening Day Video to see our new check-in and drop-off process.

 Watch Our Opening Day Video Here

Key Components:

– Assigned arrival times that are staggered based on cabin assignments in 45 minute blocks. Brothers will be assigned the same arrival time. All campers will arrive before lunch.  You will receive your arrival time a month in advance of your session. Times will be assigned 9:00am and 1:00pm. If you have questions about your check-in time, please let us know.

– Parents will be asked to remain in the car at all times. Each person in the car must wear a mask for the duration of drop off.

Parents will drive through stations for all of the typical opening day to-do’s including talking with camp nurses, meeting camp directors, meeting your child’s counselor and dropping off luggage.

– Have your negative PCR test (or vaccination card or proof of positive COVID test 90 days out) and 10-Day Health Log printed and ready to hand in. High Rocks staff will also take your son’s temperature. If your son has a fever or other COVID-19 related symptoms, we will have a place for you to pull over to talk to a High Rocks Staff member to make a plan.

– Our nurses will gather your medications and review your online Medical Form. Please have your daily medications blister packed and in an easy spot to grab. “As needed” medications make be in a Ziplock bag with your camper’s name and instructions on it. Please review our guidelines for Medications at Camp here before arriving to camp.

– Please limit luggage to two large items. This could be 1 trunk and 1 large duffel or 2 duffels. Other activity equipment items like mountain bikes and fishing rods are allowed. Please label each item before arriving to camp with your son’s name. High Rocks staff will deliver your camper’s items to his cabin. When campers exit the car, they can carry a backpack and small second item like a pillow or stuffed animal. If you are shipping a trunk to camp, we will have it in the cabin on Opening Day.

– Your camper’s cabin counselor will greet you and help your son out of the car. Our staff will take him to his cabin and start the settling in process including meeting his cabinmates and making his bed. Our staff are great at making campers feel welcome and are eagerly waiting to meet your son! Parents will then continue out of camp.

– Camp drop-off this summer is going to look more like a school drop-off. We recommend giving an extra big hug before you get to our upper parking lot. As you are preparing for camp, make sure you all have watched our Opening Day Video as a family. It will help your son know what to expect!

Campers may still fly to camp. We will be picking up campers from Greenville-Spartanburg Airport and Asheville-Regional Airport. Please get in touch with us in advance of your session with your son’s flight information. Read more about flying to camp here. Please follow mask and social distance protocols while traveling to camp, that includes while on the plane and in airports. 

Opening Day Check-In and Drop-Off will be a quick process! If you have specific questions about your camper or cabin details, please get in touch with us in advance. As we have to move cars quickly through the check-in process, there will be very limited time to answer questions. In particular, if you have a medical question for our nurses, please get in touch in advance of your son’s session.


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