Who We Hire

Recruiting and hiring the best summer staff.

The selection of the counselor staff is the most important choice that we as directors make. No camp, regardless of its facilities and equipment, can function without the backbone of an outstanding staff. Our cabin counselors must have completed at least one year of college or have similar experience, be competent in their teaching field, and have an understanding of and interest in children. They are chosen for their maturity, experience, enthusiasm, personal values, and proclivity for fun.


Although many of our staff are highly accomplished and accredited in their areas of expertise, their primary focus is upon the role and responsibility of cabin-counseling. Overall, the staff-camper ratio is approximately one to three; the average counselor age is in the mid-twenties. Furthermore, thanks to our counselor training program our counselor group includes many former campers; even among those staff who were not campers the rate of return is very high.

To ensure that our staff grow as leaders we conduct pre-camp training and continuing education during the sessions. This training creates a community capable of providing guidance to children. A patient and responsive counselor can have a strong influence and build meaningful relationships with campers; an entire community of collaborative and competent staff can yield these same results on a larger scale. We, therefore, place great emphasis upon the counselor’s personal habits and values and how they integrate into a group environment.