Camper Forms

Our parent dashboard has made all camper forms available online, allowing parents to use previous information in order to auto-fill the online camper forms as well as print the forms that must be signed and mailed or uploaded.  You will receive an e-mail from us as soon as our form system is ready for the season.   All forms should be submitted to us by April 15th.

You can log in to the parent dashboard using the link below.  If it is your first login, use the details from the welcome e-mail going out late February/Early March.  If you cannot find that e-mail, please contact us and we will re-send you the e-mail.  If you remember your username but not your password, you can reset your password using the same link.

PARENT DASHBOARD LINK (This will be live spring 2022)

Signature Forms

The following forms all require a doctor’s signature, and/or your signature as well as the camper’s signature. You may mail or upload to the dashboard these forms (below) to us.   You may print them from the links below, or download them from the online parent dashboard when you receive your information to log in to your account.

  • CAMPER AGREEMENT FORM – (2022 Print Version) This form includes Medical Release and Waiver details requiring your signature.
  • CAMPER AGREEMENT ESIGN FORM – (2021 E-Sign Version) This form includes Medical Release and Waiver details requiring your signature. You can click on the link and sign it here.
  • COVID-19 WAIVER FORM – (2021 E-Sign Version) This form includes additional waiver and release information about COVID-19 and requires your signature.
  • PHYSICAL EXAM FORM – (2021 Version) To be filled out and signed by your pediatrician.

Parent Dashboard Online Forms

These forms must be filled out online in the Parent Dashboard. Open in March 2022.

  • ALL FAMILIES: We need a copy of each camper’s immunization records.  You can mail this form, have your doctor’s office send it to us, or upload it in the parent dashboard.

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