North Carolina Summer Camps for Girls

Girls Summer Camps

Here is a list of North Carolina summer camps for girls, all located in the mountains of North Carolina. There is a brief description here for each, and all have websites with detailed information you can access. The best way to select a camp is to visit the facility, meet the directors, and talk to other parents. Each camp has it’s own special attributes and therefore no one camp is the “best” for everyone. By paying attention to the needs of your daughter and trying to match her with a camp that will meet those needs is of prime importance. By researching the camps, involving your daughter every step of the way, and making an educated decision, you may well be able to find the camp that is the “best” for your daughter.

Keystone Camp

Private Traditional girls camp in Brevard, NC

1-week, 2-week, 3-week, & 4-week sessions; 135 campers per session

Concentration: Daily Horseback Riding, horsemanship, waterfront activities (swimming, diving, canoeing), Sports (tennis, badminton, volleyball, basketball, golf, riflery, archery, soccer, yoga, aerobics), arts and crafts (including pottery, basketry, weaving), rock climbing, performing arts (drama, dance, acapella) gymnastics, and camping/hiking.

2019 Dates:  Keystone currently matches Camp High Rocks (within a day) for June 3-week, July 4-week and July Minis, and August 2-week.

Rockbrook Camp

Private sleepaway camp for girls located in Brevard, North Carolina

2-week, 3-week, & 4-week sessions; 210 campers per session

Concentration: Horseback Riding, Outdoor Adventure (whitewater rafting, kayaking, canoeing, rock climbing, backpacking), Arts and Crafts (pottery, weaving, needlecraft, photography, sewing, painting and drawing, jewelry making), Sports (archery, riflery, swimming, basketball, soccer, gymnastics, tennis, yoga), and the Performing Arts (dance, drama, creative writing).

2019 Dates: Rockbrook currently matches Camp High Rocks (within a day) for June 3-week, July 4-week, and July Minis.

Camp Illahee

Private Christian camp for girls located in Brevard, North Carolina

5-day, 2-week, 3-week, & 4-week sessions; 275 campers per session

Concentration: Activity offerings range from sports (tennis, basketball, soccer, aerobics) to arts and crafts (including woodworking, needlecraft, ceramics, and weaving) to the performing arts (drama and dance). Waterfront offerings include Red Cross certified swimming instruction, diving, synchronized swimming, and basic water safety. Campers are also offered instruction in riflery and archery.

Camp Merrie-Woode

Private, non-profit camp located in Sapphire, North Carolina.

2-week, 3-week, & 5-week sessions; 230 campers per session

Concentration: Outdoor Adventure Programming, including canoeing, kayaking, hiking, backpacking, rock climbing, caving, and horseback riding; Traditional Programming, including arts and crafts (studio art, knitting, weaving, jewelry making, ceramics, still photography, stained glass), performing arts (drama, tumbling, dance, technical theatre, directing, costuming, chorus), waterfront activities (swimming, sailing, canoeing, kayaking), nature, and land sports (tennis, archery, soccer, basketball).

2019 Dates:  Merrie-Woode currently matches Camp High Rocks (within a day) for our August 2-week.

Camp Greystone

Private Christian camp for girls located in Tuxedo, North Carolina.

5-day, 2-week, 3-week, & 5-week sessions; 490 campers per session

Concentration: Activity offerings include Arts (Metal Working, Glass lampwork and Slumping, Scrapbooking, Painting, Ceramics, Fiber Arts, Sewing, Knitting, Crafts), Cooking, Guitar, Drama, Lake Sports (Water Park, Canoeing, Kayaking, Sailing), Landsports (Basketball, Softball, Soccer, Flag Football, Ultimate Frisbee, Lacrosse, Field Hockey, Volleyball) Golf, Dance, Fitness/Aerobics, Riflery, Archery, Gymnastics, Horseback Riding, Swimming, Diving, Ropes Course, Climbing Wall, Tennis.

2019 Dates:  Greystone currently matches Camp High Rocks (within a day) for August 2-week.

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