Traveling to Camp


High Rocks is located along Highway 276 in Cedar Mountain, NC. The camp entrance is just across from Sherwood Forest Golf Course. Coming from Greenville, SC, the camp is 4 miles from the NC/SC border. If coming from Brevard, camp is 2 miles from the main entrance of Connestee Falls. How to find High Rocks


Airline reservations should be made early. Please email your son’s itinerary to Townsend Birdsong at

We meet campers arriving by airlines in Asheville, North Carolina (AVL) and Greenville, South Carolina (GSP). When planning flights to and from camp, try to book a non-stop flight. If you have to use a connecting flight, be advised that airlines do not allow unaccompanied minors connecting to the last flight of the day. In order to enjoy the  events during the first afternoon, please have your son arrive before 1:00pm. If you are making flight arrangements for the end of camp, we ask that your son’s departure be no later than 1:00 p.m.

Townsend Birdsong is our travel coordinator. Use her name as the person responsible for greeting incoming flights. Out staff will meet your son right outside of security wearing a High Rocks polo shirt.

Unaccompanied Minor Information: Please check with your airline concerning fees for children flying under the age of 15. Most airlines require this setup.

We recommend shipping your son’s bags and trunk rather than checking baggage (see “shipping trunks” below). Having only carry-on bags allows for a much quicker transition through the airport. If you do check bags, be sure they are labeled with the “High Rocks” as well as your “home” address so they arrive here when lost. Please have a change of clothes and a swimsuit in the carry-on, just in case.

We ask that all airline baggage and unaccompanied minor fees be paid in advance for both arrival and departure flights. Please attach a copy of the receipt to your itinerary to avoid being charged twice.  The airlines seem to lose the  unaccompanied minor payment records with regularity.


Due to the continuing unpredictability of airlines and luggage handling at airports, we strongly recommend that trunks be shipped to High Rocks by UPS or other commercial carrier. Please note that UPS does not cover damages to a trunk/duffel unless it is in a separate container; only the “contents” of what is being shipped will be insured.

Shipped baggage should be tagged with the High Rocks address (c/o Camp High Rocks, 1234 High Rocks Rd., Brevard, NC 28712). The United Parcel Service delivers to camp; we would be more than happy to receive your son’s trunk early by UPS and have it in his cabin when he arrives.

If you plan on having your son’s trunk shipped home, please fill out this form for the UPS store in Brevard for details and payment.  You also need to let us know that you would like your trunk shipped.  We will deliver your trunk and/or duffel to the UPS Store in Brevard on closing day for shipment.

The UPS Store | Brevard
102 College Station Dr. Ste 3, Brevard, NC 28712
Form to Fill Out: Click here.
Phone: (828) 883-4701

Again, please contact our office if you decide to ship a trunk and/or duffel and we will deliver the item(s) to the UPS store after Closing Day., (828)885-2153


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