Fees & Payments

Payments for camp are due as follows:

Final billing will be sent in mid-March. Please make all checks payable to Camp High Rocks, Inc. The final billing will include an additional $100 camp store deposit. The deposit covers essentials purchased in the camp store: batteries, toothpaste, tennis balls, stamps, toothbrushes, and other personal articles that might be needed. No food or beverages are sold. Any unused portion of the deposit will be refunded at the end of the camp session. There is no need for any camper to have cash at camp.

Payment methods

Most parents send a check as payment, but we realize that sometimes this is not the most convenient way to pay.  As an alternative, other options are available through an independent payment service, “Simply Easier Payments.” By using “Simply Easier Payments” you have the option to make a secure payment with a Credit/Debit Card or ACH (E-Check).

By using this service you are contracting with Simply Easier Payments to handle the transaction. Simply Easier Payments charges a security & delivery fee for processing your payment and forwarding it to us. The security & delivery fee is not a part of the payment you are making, but it is a separate charge made by and for Simply Easier Payments. The security & delivery fee is nonrefundable. Most parents send a check as payment and avoid the security & delivery fee.

Pay with a check

Send check to:

Camp High Rocks
PO Box 210
Cedar Mountain, NC 28718

Please include the camper’s name in the memo area on the check

Make a payment by ACH (E-Check) or Credit/Debit Card (VISA, Discover, Master Card)

Secure payments with a Credit/Debit Card or ACH (E-Check) incur a security & delivery fee with Simply Easier Payments. The E-Check fee is very small regardless of the amount ($2.95). You may avoid any fees by sending a check or making an online payment (E-Check or online Billpay) through your own online bank account. Again, please add your son’s name to the memo line

Pick an option below (You will receive a confirmation by email)

  • $1,000 deposit– Deposit will not be processed until the application is accepted. If placed on a waiting list, your credit card will not be debited.
  • $2,025 installment (Feb 1 installment for 2-week  and mini sessions)
  • $2,950 installment (Feb 1 installment for 3-week session)
  • $3,650 installment (Feb 1 installment for 4-week session)
  • Final Payment– Final payment amounts (use this for your April payment and enter the balance due)
  • Father-Son Payment – please pay your total here.
  • Miscellaneous Payment– custom payment amounts (use this for store purchases and other random payments. Enter the amount you are paying in the next window)

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