Friday Fun and Mudpit

I really do enjoy the quiet of the morning here at High Rocks. You see a few staff up early or exercise but for the most part, it is still.   I like to take a few minutes on the porch to view the lake and appreciate the moment. The cool mountain air and a mostly light clouded sky. Just sipping warm coffee and listening. We all need to do this every day! I don’t do it every day, but when I do, I wished I had done it the day before. It is amazing!

I enjoy a cup of coffee in the office and do a few things at my desk before my usual stroll up to the dining hall for our (mostly) daily executive team meeting around 7:15. I usually greet the fine kitchen folk and maybe sneak an early treat with my morning coffee. I was a little early to the meeting so I stepped out to see if the cabin overnights were rolling in yet. Sure enough, I could see the tired bunch from Chalet looking a little sleepy this morning. I always enjoy the look on their faces as they stroll back to their cabins half-awake, usually covered in some sort of pita pizza-marshmallow-fire pit ash remnants. 

Our climbers had two half-day “High Rocks” trips up to our 40-foot boulders on the property.  There was still plenty of climbing excitement in camp at our 53-foot tower.  The boys continued to work on skills and even try out the bouldering cave.

Our paddlers had their first two trips out on the French Broad River today. A nice moving water float trip that allows them to learn the first aspects of the river environment.  There are some great pictures showing off this wonderful section of the river as the boys learn how the boat and paddle react to the moving water environment. It certainly adds a bit of excitement and thrill. We will continue some more of these trips all next week.

I wanted to share a little information about our picture gallery.  It may be a little confusing to some and I want to be sure everyone has the details. I have had several questions about the download process.  If you paid the $40 subscription to download, you should see the downward-facing arrow on the picture page toolbar.  From the album page of the day, click on a picture to get to the “picture page.” On that page, you will see a lighter blue toolbar with a downward-facing arrow to download. You can also create favorites from the picture page by hitting the heart.  Find more details about how the gallery works HERE.

the community is coming together nicely as the boys learn to live and play together in a tightly coupled system.  Parents and campers don’t always think about the intensity of living with 5 other boys in a cabin.  We must learn how to become a community. It takes a little time to find our words at times and we also must think about others. It is a great experience that is slowly unfolding.  I look forward to more details as we fade out of the honeymoon period and get into the grit of camp over the next week.

Breakfast: scrambled eggs, grits, sausage patties, and scratch-made buttermilk biscuits. 

Lunch: BLTs! (Bacon, Lettuce, tomato) sandwiches, cucumber salad, chips, salad bar, and the usual make your own sun butter and jelly.

Dinner: pork roast with teriyaki glaze, broccoli, roasted sweet potatoes, yeast rolls, salad bar, and ice cream

Age Group five (Halfway and Pinnacle) headed out for their Chill Night.  Connestee was the last of the overnights to head out tonight.  The rest of the camp headed to the mud pit. Yep, just a bunch of guys and some Hollywood-quality mud.  You can’t do that at home!  Enjoy the shots

Tomorrow looks to be another fantastic day!  I look forward to sharing it with you.  Don’t forget to write often. If you have not seen enough of your boy in pictures, be sure to tell him to get in front of the camera. Some boys are way more interested in it than others.

Thanks for trusting us with the development of your son!

Don Gentle

Today’s Pictures