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New Study Shows Importance of Summer Camp

The North Carolina Youth Camp Association has released a study showing what parents believe are the important outcomes of camp. Our Camp High Rocks parents were part of this study. I have highlighted a few of the paragraphs from the more »

Life UnPlugged

Summer camp is a great place to make new friends, try new adventures, and have a blast!  Real conversations, real experiences, no electronics!  

Summer 2016 Revisited!

We hope you will enjoy our short candid video highlights from the summer.  We have also added the 2016 session slideshows.  The boys all viewed these at the end of the session last summer, but I am sure they will more »

Feeling Thankful!

It is not often that we find time during the summer to put into words all of the things that make us feel thankful.  The fast pace of camp seems to never slow down. A few weeks after camp closes, more »