Just What We Needed

Now that the dust has settled and we have all had some time to think about the summer that was 2021, I can’t help but relive a flurry of emotions.  It was incredible seeing Camp High Rocks alive again!  The excitement and thrill of the boys being able to come to summer camp was hard to contain. Inside, the nervousness and reality of our immense responsibility in the current situation were also overwhelming.

I cannot tell you the countless hours of meetings, discussions, ideas, plans, pitfalls, and protocols that brought us to this successful summer of 2021. Our team created an amazing plan.  When it didn’t work, or there were obstacles beyond our control, we changed direction and made it incredible.

I cannot discount the actions and commitment of our camp families.  The key reason this summer was a success was because of our parents’ commitment to safe behavior before their son’s session.  Throughout the summer we had only one positive COVID-19 case from our surveillance testing.  Our families put in the time and effort by testing and monitoring before their session and then our surveillance testing allowed us to break out into larger groups that made it feel more like camp.

The campers also made it an amazing summer.  The boys tried activities they had no intention of doing. While most of our campers experienced High Rocks in a whole new way, they loved it!  What we found is that the boys just wanted to be here! They wanted to be back at High Rocks regardless of what it was going to be like. It was truly a miracle. It was just what they needed.

Our staff was a big part of a successful summer.  Of course, they are a big part of it every year.  We found that this year was exceptional.  Our staff dug deep, supported one another, and bashed on through it all. It was hard. It was all for the campers. It was amazing.  A huge thanks to all of our summer staff that stood with us in the trenches. You Rock!

I also want to thank all the alumni and friends that supported our decision to close in 2020 and encouraged us to move forward with 2021. We had plenty of cohorts and mentors along the way. We could not have made it without you.

Did I mention we only had ONE positive case ALL SUMMER! Wow! I am still amazed how this community came together to support each other creating an incredible summer for these boys. We will never forget it! Neither will those boys…

Again “Thanks’ to all of you! We are looking forward to the excitement and challenges of 2022. We are ready for another adventure with YOU, for YOU!

All the best,

Don Gentle

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