Sundays are for Rest

We love Sundays at High Rocks! They are typically a little more chill than the rest of the week.  We wake up a little later, and the morning is at a much slower pace. However, that slower pace does include … »

Years in the Making

For as long as I have been here, we have had pancakes on Saturday.  Throughout High Rocks history, there was a time that the director himself would cook pancakes on Saturday since our head cook was off that morning.  I … »

Another Wild Ride

It’s hard to believe it has been five days already! Our Mini I boys leave in a week!  It sure was another great day out in High Rocks Land!  We started the day with eggs, bacon, grits, a fruit bar, … »

It’s All About The Lesson

The flow of camp is already in full force.  Boys are heading out on trips, learning new skills, and making this summer at High Rocks THEIR experience. I hope you have enjoyed some of the pictures showing all the instruction … »

We Love the Mountains

The morning started early with our first paddling group heading out to The Chattooga River. There are a few pictures from their adventure today. We also enjoyed the cooler temperatures today.  It was great to see the boys starting to … »

Day One of Many

Our first morning at camp! I think it is such a special moment to wake up to the cool mountains of North Carolina in the morning. I am always impressed by how quiet it is before the wake-up bell. I … »

Opening Day!

It sure was a wonderful morning to welcome in all our July campers! We are so excited for all our Mini I boys who have just joined the High Rocks family!  I know many of you are here for the … »

End Game and Final Campfire

I can’t believe it has been three weeks already! There was no rest today as we blasted out the last day of the session with gusto!  What an incredible group of young men.  We played hard, we laughed hard, we … »

Cabin Night and Upper Senior Dinner

It’s hard to believe that today was the last full day of activities. It was another wonderful day with cool temperatures in the morning with a wonderful breeze. Many boys were still heading out on trips including tubing, paddling, climbing, … »