End of the “Work Week”

Our “work week” closed out today with a morning that was clear and already promising of some summer heat to come. Now, heat for us here on the mountain top may top out in the mid-80’s, but the morning was … »

Lean on Me

This tie-died Tuesday was fairly clear, with just a touch of high level haze coming from up north. The bell rang out, camp flowed to breakfast where cinnamon toast always makes the morning seem a bit special. The assembly that … »

Just Horsing Around

It was notable this morning, walking to the dining hall for an early meeting. The day was already warm (low 70’s) and the sky clear, which indicated a day approaching mountain hot, with the chance of a thunderstorm as the … »

Oh Those Summer Nights

Tie-Dye Taco Tuesday is always a good day to be at camp. So the beautiful cool start to the morning matched to the bluebird skies was just a handy bonus. And a perfect way to welcome our freshly arrived Mini … »

End of the “Work” Week

In what is becoming a normal pattern this July, the morning was bright, clear, and lightly cool at the wakeup bell. Cinnamon toast, oatmeal, fruit, cereal, eggs, and sausage launched us into our day and camp was off! A Green … »

Wildlife Wednesday

After a day like yesterday, with such extravagant displays of patriotic enthusiasms from dawn to dusk, it was no surprise that this morning began on a quieter note… It could hardly have done otherwise, but begin it did with biscuits, … »

Heading into the Weekend

It is hard to believe that its already Friday of the session’s first week. It is typically about this time that campers have acquired both their sea-legs and the routine. The acceleration into camp life is a blast and a … »

When it Rains, It Pours!

After all those days of crystal clear weather, today reminded us that we indeed live on the edge of a temperate rain forest. The bell rang true through the early downpour and the lure of hot breakfast was strong as … »

Camp on Cruise Control

Though breezy and cool this morning in what has become the norm, the day felt like it was heating up quickly. The routine clicked into place as soon as that bell tolled. It is amazing the feel of the place … »