A Case of the Camp Mondays

The “workweek” started here at High Rocks with a cool and cloudy morning. Seeing a young guy wearing sweatshirts to breakfast serves as a delightful reminder of how lucky we are to be living in place where that is comfortable … »

For a Limited Time Only!

Any day that starts with Chef Nate’s homemade biscuits is already a good one. Throw in some deliciously creamy grits, hot locally roasted coffee, and 220 of your friends; life is pretty awesome. Camp enjoyed a warm and sunny day … »

Tie Dye Tuesday

Tuesday dawned cool and breezy before giving way to a gorgeous, hot summer day. It was clear of weather events and thusly was full of serious action throughout camp and beyond. A load of boaters got out of camp EARLY … »

Don’t Have a “Clue” What Day It Is

We are deep into the session now and in my conversations around camp, it quickly became apparent campers have foregone the typical niceties of days of the week in exchange for “today”, “tomorrow”, etc. Several guys all took a stab … »

The Weekend!

This was quite a way to wrap up the first “work week” at High Rocks. It was a typical mountain day with a little warmness that you would expect for July. A perfectly timed shower just as the lunch bell … »

To “Clue” You In

It was Colonel Mustard at the climbing tower, with a swimming noodle…. No wait! It was Mr. Scarlet, with a gaga ball, down at the barn. Tonight, our community was greeted at the dinner bell with a camp-sized game of … »

End of the “Work” Week!

It seemed to be a typical beginning to the day for this session as the day dawned cool but cloudy with rain coming down in fits and spurts. Well-practiced for the precipitation, camp came to life with the bell and … »

Snow Day!

As the this third week draws to a close, High Rocks was greeted with a wonderfully chilly start to the day, and when I say chilly I mean it. Unbeknownst to camp, a small group of staff festooned camp with … »

Goodbye Mini Men!

Today dawned cloudy with a cool breeze, the perfect way to begin a busy day as the temperature put a little extra energy in everyone. It was in many ways a typical day at camp, with trips heading out early … »