What a Wednesday

Our Waikiki Wednesday dawned prettily with blue skies and excited chatter amongst the cabins. That chatter increased to a friendly roar as soon as the wake up bell tolled out and the day was officially going.  After working as a … »

Full Speed Ahead

Tie-Dye Tuesday had a beautiful start with some early morning cloud cover breaking into blue skies and some welcome sunshine across camp. After yesterday’s socked-in mountain fog, feeling the sun on your skin is delightful, not to mention the effect … »

What a Blast

In this last week of the session, days begin in both a sleepy and expert fashion. The morning was clear and gorgeous, allowing for the bell ring to carry clear across camp with the responding cheers by the anticipating campers. … »

Community Minded

This Tuesday was a beautiful morning with clear skies, a light breeze, and a loud-n-proud wake up bell to start the day. For our 4 Weekers, that morning energy is an expected part of the day and if the typical … »

Those Brave Camp Moments

Tuesday dawned cool and cloudy for a rather slow start to a very busy day. After the sheer enthusiasm and energy spent yesterday celebrating the 4th, it seemed quite reasonable to see sleepy guys staggering to breakfast. A meal of … »

Floating on Cloud Nine

The clearest blue sky and cool breeze kicked off an amazing Tuesday here at camp. The sun quickly warmed things up, as did a breakfast of french toast sticks, scrambled eggs, hashbrown casserole, along with some fruits and cereals to … »

Chill Night is Back

With some record breaking temps all around our area, camp greeted a surprise storm with welcome arms to start the day. The dawn was cloudy with a fresh breeze which paired nicely with a loud-n-proud ringing of the bell to … »

End of The “Work Week”

As we close out our first week of the session here at Camp High Rocks, it is always fun to chat with campers and counselors about the cool camp moments they’ve seen happening all over camp, every day.  You get … »

The Coolest Things

While cruising camp, I like to have questions ready for campers that will get them talking about their time at High Rocks. One favorite is “What’s the coolest thing you’ve seen today?” as it is so broad and is a … »