Camp, A Real Job

As we are getting to the closer to the summer, we are thinking about our summer staff! An experienced camp director, Alsion Moeschberger, on Sunshine Parenting’s website, writes about the skills that counselors develop while working at camp. She says, “It would … »

Those Bright Moments

As I look at the remarkably appropriate picture above, I am immediately taken back to the start of our 4 Week session which began with a literal bang. Each two-second burst of blinding light and chest-thumping noise was such a … »

The Green Race!

A Fall Weekend to Remember! One of our favorite fall holidays came and went this past weekend – the infamous Green Race!  Held at high noon on the first Saturday of November since 1996, the Green Race is a community-driven … »

From High Rocks to Hogwarts

Our week concluded with the hottest day of the summer yet, though it didn’t slow camp down in any discernible fashion.  Climbers stayed in camp and hiked to the High Rocks for a morning of introductory rock experience with some … »

Thank You Mini Men!

Today dawned beautifully with a warm breeze and clear skies that promised more heat to come. It was in many ways a typical day at camp, with trips heading out early after a fortifying breakfast of sausage biscuits, gravy, grits, … »

Welcoming in the Weekend

This was quite a way to wrap up the first “work week” at High Rocks. Camp was treated to a pristine summer day; from cool breeze blowing in the morning, to a hot midday under a clear blue sky, and … »

Camp is Magical!

After several damp days in our temperate rain forest setting, it was as if a spell had been cast with the rise of the sun. A strong and steady breeze blew delightful temperatures under a cloudless sky all day. Camp … »

New Camper Blog – Daily Schedule

NEW CAMPER BLOG SERIES: Daily Schedule We hope you have enjoyed our New Camper Blog Series so far! If this if your first time checking out one of our posts, at the bottom we have links to our other posts for you to … »